In new York city will build 300 new Parking

In new York city will build 300 new Parking

In the autumn the Department of transportation of the city of new York (aka DOT) decided to implement a two-year pilot program, which should help mitigate traffic problems, the number of cars on the roads, and reduce air pollution. In the framework of this initiative throughout the city will build 300 of street Parking, which can use those who uses the services of companies offering such a service as car sharing (when the driver picks up hitchhikers).

The new program is not innovative, although its practicality and success prove such projects operating in Baltimore, San Francisco and Seattle. The Department of transportation has designated areas for Parking in 15 different areas, including :

In new York city will build 300 new Parking

  • East Harlem and Hamilton heights in Manhattan;
  • Williamsburg, Park slope and Carroll gardens in Brooklyn;
  • Jamaica and Jackson heights in Queens;
  • Soundview in the Bronx.

At two Parking lots at one time will appear in residential areas, where there is a law on alternative Parking (you can Park only on one side of the street depending on the day of the week). At such places will establish a special sign «Carshare Only Parking«and the police Department got the right to penalize drivers of those cars who do not use car sharing, but Parking in these places. Police can evacuate the cars of violators. In addition, as part of a pilot program to 10% of Parking spaces at municipal Parking lots will be reserved for car-share companies.

All the participants of the new project will be required to report to the city authorities on the progress details lighting where cars are used for car sharing and how often. After the expiration of the pilot program, the city will determine which way to go, claiming the car-sharing program in the long term.

A little later, the officials will announce the list of companieswhose vehicles can Park in the «bonus» field. After that, new Yorkers will be able to apply and choose which of the participants they prefer. At the moment the Department of transport is working with citizensto determine where to place the new Park.