In Seattle they want to demolish the monument to Vladimir Lenin

In Seattle they want to demolish the monument to Vladimir Lenin

The mayor of Seattle ed Murray proposed to remove not only the monuments to the Confederate soldiers that stand in Lake View cemetery, but also a monument of Vladimir Lenin in Fremont. In his opinion, they represent the «historical injustice» and are symbols of hatred, racism and violence, according to the publication SeattleTimes.

Statement Murray, published on Thursday, already sounds more determined than its previous response, where he expressed concern at the monuments to the confederates. Lake View cemetery, where the monuments and on Wednesday had to close because of the incoming threats. It became known that it was not until Monday morning «due to disagreements regarding the memorials of the Confederacy».

Monument erected in 1926 by the United daughters of the Confederacy, and Lenin statue are in private ownership. However Murray believes that they need to dismantle.

«Not only do these characters symbolize historical injustice, their existence causes pain in the hearts of those whose families were touched by their atrocities,» said Murray believes. «We need to remove all these symbols, regardless of their political affiliation. This applies to both Confederate and monuments honoring the founder of the Soviet authoritarian regime.»

«We must never forget our history, but we must also honor the memory of the personalities who accomplished a violent crime, those who sought to divide us on the basis of our origins,» says the mayor.

In his statement, Murray was first mentioned about the statue of Lenin in Fremont, near which on Wednesday gathered a small group of protesters. The monument, which is now offered for sale, often exposed to attack of vandalswho doused it with red paint, symbolizing blood.

State Senator Reuven Carlyle, has joined the debate about the fate of the monument to Lenin, expressing the view that to dismantle it is not necessary. Carlisle, whose family was forced to leave Poland in 1924 because of the attacks on Jewish villages, called the monument a Testament to defeat, «a murderous, oppressive regime.»

«Art can be offensive and bitter, but it also awakens in us a curiosity and interest. This monument to the man and the regime who would never have been allowed to erect a monument to their opponents, is a symbolic representation of the victory of democracy and freedom over oppression,» writes in his blog, Senator.