In Texas, the demolition of monuments to confederates (photo)

In Texas, the demolition of monuments to confederates (photo)

The President of the University of Texas Greg Fenves announced its decision to remove statues of Confederate from campus.

Tonight the dismantling of monuments to be completed.

On campus housed a sculptural group. There were monuments to Robert E. Lee, albert Johnston, John Reagan and James Stephen Hogge.

Lee and Johnston were generals of the Confederacy, Reagan – postmaster General, and Hogg – the first native-born, who became Governor of Texas. He was the son of a Confederate General, and during the Civil war were too young to serve.

In the Texas Tribune quoted a letter sent to the President of the University students and teachers.

«A terrible hatred in Charlottesville shocked the nation. These events make it clear that now, more than ever, the Confederate monuments have become symbols of white domination and neo-Nazism».

Representatives of the University noted that no objection to the statue of Governor Hogg, but «the whole sculpture is a unified composition.»

In the end, it was decided to move three statues of confederates to the Center of American history Briscoe in Austin. The statue of James Hogg may simply move on to another location on campus.

Note that the statue of Confederate President, Jefferson Davis, the University removed in 2015.

The monuments to the confederates has already been demolished in Baltimore (MD), North Carolina, and in new York city dismantled a memorial plaque dedicated to Robert E. Lee.

Statues of John Reagan and James Stephen Hogg are put on a flatbed truck as they are removed from the @UTAustin campus.

— KUT Austin (@KUT) August 21, 2017

«The statue of John Reagan and James Stephen Hogg put on the truck, as they moved from the campus of the University of Texas.»