The girl from Alabama lived a month in the deep woods, feeding on berries and rainwater

The girl from Alabama lived a month in the deep woods, feeding on berries and rainwater

Judy garner was driving on highway 82 in Bullock County, Alabama, when he noticed on the side of something that at first struck her as a deer. And seeing that in front of her – naked and basilisa girl immediately called 911.

«I was shaking and crying when I saw the condition she is in. Hugged her and said everything would be okay, and she kept saying that I didn’t quit,» Judy told NBC News.

As it turned out, the road was 25-year-old Lisa Teris from Louisville, Alabama, which was considered missing missing since July 18. Her clothes were goneand his body was covered in bites, cuts and scrapes.

Anthony Williams of the Sheriff’s Department was one of the first who arrived at the scene.

«This is the first time I saw a man in such a condition,» he said.

When an ambulance took Lisa to the nearest hospital, the doctors said that luckily none of her injuries were not deadly, only the girl lost a lot of weight.

How and why Lisa was in the woods is still unknown. The police reported that two weeks after the girl’s disappearance have arrested two people – Manley Davis and Randall Oswald. According to Lisa, she was with them before found herself alone in a deserted area. Guys wanted to Rob a hunting camp and told Lisa, but she refused to be an accomplice. What happened next, according to her, she doesn’t remember. The girl woke up deep in the woods without a phone.

«The main thing – to find the highway or find a person,» says ABC7 Lisa Teris. «But I have not heard a single car while I was there.»

The girl all this time eating berries, mushrooms, and drinking water from puddles or squeezed from her hair, when it was raining.

Anthony Williams says Liza confessed to him that the power to survive gave her the love of family.

«When I asked what she was eating, she broke down and cried, but then said that he survived by thinking about his mother and father.»

We will remind, the similar case occurred recently in California. There’s a woman survived by eating two weeks insects.

Lisa Theris was found in the woods of Alabama almost a month after she went missing.

— Inside Edition (@InsideEdition) August 16, 2017

«Lisa Teris found in the forests of Alabama nearly a month after disappearance».