The mother of three children fell from the roof a 14-storey building in Manhattan

The mother of three children fell from the roof a 14-storey building in Manhattan

Saturday, August 19, around 21:30 the staff of the new York police Department, arrived on call, found the woman unconscious, lying on the ground under a 14-storey building of the residential complex, the Jefferson Houses.

The victim was 33-year-old Yanina Boitel, who lived in one of apartments of the house located at the intersection of Third Avenue and E. 113th Street.

The woman was taken to the Metropolitan hospital, but the doctors never managed to save her life. Investigators determined that she fell off the roof, and now continue to investigate whether it was a coincidence, a conscious choice Ioannina or she has become someone’s victim.

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«The investigation started after a woman’s body found under a building in East Harlem, still continues.»

The hypothesis that Beutel was pushed off the roof, support Jose Torres and Ralph Torres, brother and cousin of the deceased. They say that their sister was in a romantic relationship with his 21-year-old partner, was often the victim of domestic violence.

It is assumed that this reason, parents of Ioannina tried to persuade his daughter to leave with the young man, whose name police so far kept secret.

Jose Torres told investigators that after the death of Ioannina, he was contacted by the young man.

“He came to say that my sister jumped off the roof. I rushed there to see what was happening and there I saw the whole neighborhood because everybody loved her,” said he.

The investigators have already questioned her partner, who told me that a few hours before the incident, he went with Yanina drinks. The young man added that they came home separately: first, Beutel, and then, when the woman was already lying on the ground, and returned it.

However, Carmen Reyes, sister of Ioannina, completely different information. According to her, she heard that the pair stood on the roof and were arguing. The rest of the family of the deceased confirmed her words, and added that the lovers are untied to fight.

Moreover, neighbor Beutel became a witness to a fight between partners, when they stood in the shop near the house of the deceased.

However, after questioning the investigators released the young man, who has no criminal record.

Robert Boyce, chief of detectives of the police Department of new York said that one of the witnesses, who had not maintained contact with Yanina, she was seen committed suicide. The version about suicide is now viewed as the main one.

From Ioannina Beutel left three children: sixteen, twelve and ten years. Six months ago she became a grandmother.