In Pennsylvania paid with money from a movie

In Pennsylvania paid with money from a movie

In one town, in Pennsylvania, counterfeit banknotes, which are commonly used as props for the filming of the movie has successfully given for real, tells an unusual story by The Associated Press.

City of Aliquippa police published photos of the fake 20-dollar bills, which is paid at one of the local businesses. They also asked everyone who works with cash payments, to be very careful.

Although it looks money seems very plausible, there is one small detail on both the front and back of the banknote are clearly printed «Motion Picture Use Only» («Only for use in movies»).
The police said that I do not know where the money came from, and who they paid.

The use of real money during the filming is not against the law of the United States. But often in such cases, resort to such false bills. Otherwise, Directors would have to Rob banks, especially when we see large sums of money.