Powerball jackpot is committed to the historical record: how to increase your chances of winning

Powerball jackpot is committed to the historical record: how to increase your chances of winning

Already two with superfluous month no one can win jackpot Powerball — lottery the number of tickets sold is growing exponentially, as the amount of the main prize.

Today, at stake is $700 million: this mind-boggling amount may become the second largest jackpot in the entire existence of the lottery — if you find its owner.

Powerball jackpot is committed to the historical record: how to increase your chances of winning

Wednesday’s #Powerball jackpot has increased to an estimated $700 million. RT if you’re ready for the draw! pic.twitter.com/A48RLNM7W6

Powerball USA (@PowerballUSA) August 22, 2017

If not, then on Saturday the players will compete for a chance to win… $1 billion, and there is not far to a new historic record — recall that the maximum gain was $1.5 billion.

The term to get the sum of nine zeroes and more appealing to everyone (except those who found Zen and finally broke the power of the mortal pieces of paper).

But the chances of winning the big jackpot are so small — according to representatives of the lottery today, they make up only 0.0000003%. Maybe there are some ways to attract luck? Certainly is, and it is not about magic tricks.

Method # 1: do not miss a single drawing and every time to buy a few tickets (the more the better). As practice shows, in many cases of sudden enrichment was not sudden — the future millionaires consciously went to his goal and for months, if not years, bought the tickets hoping to get rich. Some of them were lucky and their dream came true.

However, history is silent about the many people who descended on tickets hundreds of dollars, got nothing in return and has faith in the possibility to win. Perhaps they were two steps away from the coveted million, but you never know…

Anyway, this technique is quite controversial, so we will look for a better option.

Method # 2: create a team of players. As you know, one is a warrior — in a way, this also applies to the lotteries. When the command option players are Contracting — if you’re lucky one of them, the prize is divided at all. All members of the group undertake to purchase tickets before each draw or choose one responsible and are flushed with money.

In this way was thwarted, many jackpots. It significantly increases the chances of each participant and disciplinary all — the agreement does not allow you to forget about buying tickets or checking rooms. However, without pitfalls not done here — if you win, the one who actually bought the lucky ticket can unilaterally claim the prize. How to prevent it?

  • Assign a group leader — responsible person you all trust. Not the Igor, who always wants to borrow money and promises to pay tomorrow.
  • Will make an agreement and put it signed. Distribute the proportion of each, but also a way of getting potential winnings (lump sum or multiple payment). Should not be too long and serious document — remember that only divide a skin of not killed bear.
  • Try to always do xerophobia tickets — so everyone will be able to see which tickets are purchased under the agreement. After all, if someone of the group members decides to purchase a ticket yourself and win, it could turn into broken relationships.
  • Suppose you hit the jackpot. Some States allow for the possibility of the group winning, and some aren’t. In this case, you will have to appoint a responsible person and make a power of attorney. As if you weren’t sure about, do not hesitate to execute all documents.

Don’t forget that luck is part of the senior mother, therefore, no clear strategies can be no question. All of the above is only a recommendation, which could theoretically increase the chances of success.

If you seriously aim to win and consistently work towards that goal, we need to consider one more interesting nuance.

If you look at the history of winnings Powerball, observed a curious thing: for some unknown reason fortune favors the residents of certain regions of the United States. According to the statistics of the lottery; most of the larger amounts went to Indiana — the state had registered 39 with the jackpot, and 10.8% of the total. In second place — Missouri (31 jackpot), the third — Minnesota (22), followed by Kentucky (18), and the top five most successful States Pennsylvania (17).

Powerball jackpot is committed to the historical record: how to increase your chances of winningtwitter.com


Curious, but Golden state, which often flashed in the news about the wonderful enrichment — only 18-th place. There is no inconsistency — just Californians quite often get more small wins.

But what does all this have to do with you if you’re not among the residents happy zones? You can also try to benefit from this trend. How?

For example, while in transit in Missouri, Kentucky, California or the infamous, do not be lazy and buy a few lottery tickets in local outlets. All of a sudden there you are waiting for the suitcase with the money?

If you decide to take our advice and form a team of fortune hunters, it makes sense to pick up someone from the aforementioned States. Think, perhaps there lives someone from your family and friends who just never came up with the idea to play the lottery.

Of course, in this case to document the agreement will be more difficult, but from any position you can find the exit.

Finally, the most important thing is to catch the blue bird, you have to believe in its existence!

Don’t forget, the next draw of Powerball will be held on Wednesday at 22:59 Eastern time.