Houston residents fleeing the floods with the help of social networks

Houston residents fleeing the floods with the help of social networks

When Saturday evening of keron Howie saw that the water fills his living in the Wood Shadows II, Houston, he went to the neighbor’s house. All night he and another 10 people, including two elderly people — held on the second floor, trying unsuccessfully to get through to 911 or local police stations. According to Caron, the waiting time in line was over two hours. And then he decided to turn to Twitter.

He wrote that the entire area has Wood Shadows II is under water and has published an address, reports the LA Times.

Houston residents fleeing the floods with the help of social networks

The man was not alone in his appeals for help in social networks. Many residents have violated the usual privacy and began to write home addresses and phone numbers to Twitter and Facebook in the hope of a speedy rescue.

One woman asked me to help her elderly parents, stayed in the house, in which the water comes.

Host of a talk show, Montel Williams has posted a video on Facebook, asking someone with a boat to help man with cerebral palsy. Night a woman from the area Ellington wrote a desperate message on Twitter that her two children, and fills water, and 911 is not answering.

I have 2 children with me and tge,water is swallowing us up. Please send help.
11115 Sageview
911 is not responding!!!!!!

— Maritza RITZ Willis (@RitzWillis) August 27, 2017

On Sunday evening the mayor of Houston , Sylvester Turner explained that 911 operators received 56 thousand calls less than 24 hours.
«I ask you to continue to call. We increase the number of 911 operators. But it’s a lot of calls,» said the mayor. Officials stressed that callers should stay on the line and wait and not to hang up and redial. You can also contact the United States Coast guard.

People in #HurricaneHarvery distress can call the following #USCG numbers:


— U. S. Coast Guard (@USCG) August 27, 2017

Caron and his neighbors were picked up by coastguards and boat one of the volunteers who went to help the people. When the man went outside, he saw that the street, in fact, no — it turned into a river.

«My God, it’s a horrific experience,» recalls Caron. He does not understand why the authorities of Houston has not released an announcement about the evacuation.

«We were told to stay inside their homes, there were no action plans. Houston needs to work better,» he says.