Trump is going to «return» to military equipment to police

Trump is going to «return» to military equipment to police

Armored personnel carriers, vysokokalievogo weapons and other types of heavy equipment will be handed over to the police. President Donald trump plans to lift the ban on the use of military equipment by representatives of public order.

On Monday, attorney General Jeff sessions issued an appeal to the Fraternal order of police, the nation’s largest police Union, announced the order of the trump.

Trump is going to «return» to military equipment to police

The administration of former head of state Barack Obama has banned the practice of military weapons after the tragedy in 2014 in Ferguson, when police killed 18-year-old African American. When Obama is criticized for using military equipment against protesters.

Fraternal order of police and some other law-enforcement groups have long been pushing for the abolition of the policies of the Obama administration, claiming that weapons of this type are needed to better respond to local disturbances.

But civil rights advocates warn that lifting the ban threatens to ignite tensions among national minorities, against whom such weapons were used.

«The administration is extremely dangerous and irresponsible to lift the ban on the transfer of certain military equipment to state and local law enforcement agencies,» said Dzhanay Nelson, Deputy Director of the legal defense Fund of the NAACP. She stressed that the President’s decision against the backdrop of unrest in Charlottesville, the state of Virginia, shows that the current administration is trying to escalate racial tensions in the country.