Trump pardoned the Creator of «concentration camp» for immigrants

Trump pardoned the Creator of «concentration camp» for immigrants

President Donald trump , by Executive order, has pardoned an ex-Sheriff from Arizona, Joe Arpayo, which is «famous» tough attitude toward illegal immigrants.

«I think he was treated incredibly unfairly,» said trump yesterday, August 28, during a joint press conference with his Finnish counterpart Sauli Niinisto. «Many people believe that this is the right decision.»

Trump pardoned the Creator of «concentration camp» for immigrants

Prior to that, trump wrote on his Twitter: «I am pleased to inform you that you have pardoned the American patriot Joe Arpayo. He kept Arizona in safety!»

As reported by the New York Times, 85-year-old Joe Arpayo was found guilty of disobeying the court, but trump pardoned him before sentencing, which was supposed to announce in October of this year.

Joe Arpayo 24 years served as Sheriff in Maricopa County, Arizona. He became known for his radical methods of struggle with illegal immigrants, and called himself «the toughest Sheriff of America».

So, for example, he arranged the RAID specifically to Latinos on suspicion of illegal migration. For such «selectivity» the Sheriff and threatened with imprisonment, as the court found its actions illegal.

In addition, the Arpayo built a tent city for inmates of a County prison, which became known as «Arizona’s concentration camps» because of the harsh conditions of detention.

As reported by the Star Tribune, the decision to pardon met both support and criticism even from Republicans.

«The President has the right to do it, but at the same time, it undermines respect for the rule of law, because, Arpayo in no way repented of their actions,» said John McCain, Senator from Arizona.

Republican Kelly ward stated that it «welcomes the decision of the President because of the heroic efforts of Sheriff Arpayo for the enforcement of the immigration laws of the country.»

Opponents of a pardon believe that trump thus only encourage violent methods of dealing with immigrants.

Why Trump’s Joe Arpaio Pardon Is a Nationwide Call to Political Arms

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