Media discuss dress code Melania in Texas

Media discuss dress code Melania in Texas

The first lady of the Melania trump on Tuesday morning harshly criticized journalists for what during a visit to the victim from the hurricane and Harvey of Texas, she wore stilettos. Journalists wrote that «sad» to see that some people are concerned about the fashion during a national disaster. In the article on this subject in The Mirror, he heard the phrase «most unsuitable clothes that you can imagine».

The President also received its share of criticism for what I wore light cream pants, which are more suitable «for the game of Golf».

Other publications were less critical, but still not paid attention to the clothing choices of the presidential couple.

The publication The Daily Beast advised the wife of the President «seal» shoes before visiting Houston. The article also says that Melania clearly need new shoes.

«In fairness, we should note, is a very good shoes. But whether or not high heels are the best shoes to visit the area where there are massive floods?» — written in the article.

To the subject joined, and officials of the state. So, for example, the Commissioner of police of Los Angeles Steve Cathedrals ironically wrote on Twitter: «These high heels really practical today».

The representative of office of the first lady of public relations, Stephanie Grisham, in turn, condemned the journalists who «was worried about shoes» Melania trump during «active and ongoing natural disasters». Her opinion was voiced by the CNN reporter on Twitter.

from @FLOTUS dir comms: «It’s sad that we have an active and ongoing natural disaster in Texas, and people are worried about her shoes.»

— Kate Bennett (@KateBennett_DC) August 29, 2017

In addition, Melania was another pair of shoes «to replace,» said Grisham edition of the Washington Examiner.