A businessman from Houston has turned their stores into havens for victims of hurricane

A businessman from Houston has turned their stores into havens for victims of hurricane

The owner of furniture stores in Houston have turned their stores into shelters for those who lost their homes during hurricane Harvey. The man said that the people supported him in difficult times, and now he wants to repay kindness with kindness, writes USA Today.

On Sunday, after the hurricane has covered Houston’s Jim «Mattress Mack» Mcingvale, owner of Gallery Furniture stores, gathered volunteers, started the engines of their trucks and went into the city to rescue the hostages of a bad weather.

Our FWRY N GF & GF Grand PKWY stores are open for those in need. If you can safely join us, we invite you for shelter and food. God Bless. pic.twitter.com/IHHgjKmjMY

— MattressMack (@MattressMack) August 28, 2017

«Our furniture stores are open for all in need. If you can safely get to us, we will provide you with food and shelter. God bless you.».

«We had a few Penske trucks, 24-foot trucks which can reach any flooded streets,» he says. «We have sent volunteers around the city to collect people.»

In Houston, a 66-year-old Mcingvale, known for its commercials with the slogan «Gallery Furniture saves you money!».

In 2009, someone set fire to his warehouse, damaging millions of dollars. Then the buyers from Houston helped him stay afloat, so Mcingvale said that help people in this time of tragedy is one way to return good for good.

Now in two of his stores lives of 400 children and adults, and it allowed families to bring their Pets.

Mcingvale and its volunteers also provide free Breakfast, lunch and dinner for the evacuees.

Some volunteers, such as Jasmine Broussard, are customers of his shop. Broussard are familiar with what you are going through the evacuated families. She lost her house during hurricane Katrina, 12 years ago.

«I know what I went through, and I can’t let other people go through it. And if I can help someone, I will do.»

Jim Mcingvale not the first time helps people. During hurricane Katrina, which struck the Gulf coast August 29, 2005, he helped two hundred evacuees who left New Orleans, providing shelter in his shop.

Mcingvale who has more than 35 years of experience in business, a well-known philanthropist. For over 20 years at Christmas he gives furniture to needy families.