12 unforgettable.

12 unforgettable.

These lands stepped sometime of thousands of immigrants. People were able to transform wild landscapes, share them on the States, build cities. But to conquer the whole Wild West is impossible. And, in addition to the bright sites of the city in the wonderful region of each traveler, waiting for the masterpieces of mother nature.

We are glad to show you these unforgettable parts!

12. Old town Savannah, GA
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This city has long been necessary to present the award for marvelous retro style. Coming here you find yourself in a pretty old movie, where large trees and graceful home is wonderfully complement each other. Here literally every inch is steeped in romance. Sitting on the carved veranda with a glass of mint julep, you will admire the architecture of the pre-war period and the centuries-old oaks. And then take a stroll through Forsyth Park, visit the Church of St. John, Telgarsky Museum, wander through the alleys of the cemetery of Bonaventure, and in the evening relax in one of the clubs of jazz and Blues.

11. Mesa Verde, Colorado
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Mesa Verde is a unique national Park at an altitude of 600 m, where there are more than 4000 prehistoric structures owned by the Anasazi Indians. They began to build in the XII century BC, among them the Spruce tree house, Cliff Palace and Balcony house, the impressive high level of civilization. The atmosphere in the villages is amazing — it seems that the owners just left on business. It offers a panoramic views of the valley Montezuma. In addition to the monuments of history, you can enjoy the spring wildflowers or vivid in autumn oaks Gambell, and it is home to mule deer, red foxes, etc.


10. Hearst Castle, California
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In the town of San Simeon, which is located between San Francisco and Los Angeles, in the early XX century were built the famous mansion of Senator William Randolph Hearst. Since then, the house on «the Enchanted hill» was visited by millions of tourists. Magnificent property include a private airport, 56 bedrooms, 19 sitting rooms, 61 bathrooms. And yet there is a cinema, swimming pools, a private zoo and eight parks in its abundance resembles the Botanical gardens. Say, tickets it is better to book at least 7-8 weeks.

9. Watkins Glen, New York
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Park with beautiful scenery is located near the city of Watkins Glen, in upstate new York. It is located near the Seneca lake, which belongs to the Finger lakes. Here tourists need to pay only for Parking, as the entrance is free. Already appearing on the bridge you realize that you will find a lot of impressions, and ahead of the Central Cavern and waterfalls, great trails, viewing platforms, a gorge, another wonderful waterfall rainbow canyon and 800 degrees… and over the bridge.


8. Glass beach, Mackerricher
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Rainbow beach near Fort Bragg in the Park Mackerricher — a masterpiece of nature which could turn the former dump into a place of unique beauty. Carefully polished ocean glass shards at Glass Beach guarantee a safe walk barefoot. From the «pebbles» of various shapes and colors travellers love to stack the brightly colored pyramids that shimmer in the sun. Since 2002, glass beach has become a popular national Park in California.

7. Canyons Of Arizona
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A quirky Antelope canyon mesmerizing marvelous cliffs and glimpses of sun. Incidentally, the name he received after a local antelope that lived here once. And the largest gorge of the Earth the Grand Canyon is the opportunity to experience the powerful force of nature. People are like grains of sand in the background, because its length is 460 km and the depth is more than 1.8 km In the Grand Canyon one can observe four geological eras of the Earth grow here 1500 species of plants and hundreds of species of animals and 350 species of birds. Observation deck in the form of a transparent horseshoe Skywalk attracts daredevils.


6. Crystal Cathedral, California
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Crystal Cathedral in garden grove was built according to the project of Philip Johnson. This is one of the most unusual modern religious buildings. The temple has the shape of a four-pointed star, and the bell tower is 77 meters. For its construction used 10 000 glass panels! Here is on of the 16,000 pipes, which is among the five largest bodies of the world. Around the Cathedral established garden with ponds, fountains, and sculptures, devoted to scenes from the Bible.

5. Route 66
(Illinois — Missouri — Kansas — Oklahoma — Texas — New Mexico — Arizona — California)
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Steeped in legend and featured in many famous movies like highway 66 is now turned into a «road-nostalgia». In the map you already won’t find him: after the completion of the new highway in 1985, the old one was decommissioned. And once enchanting, the route from Chicago to Los Angeles that laid in the heart of the USA in eight States, called the «Mother road», «Main road of America»… Now this route is designated «Historic Route 66». And driving through it, you can see thousands of bright signs, old abandoned cars, colorful gas stations, roadside motels and bars, and even the way you expect attractions and unforgettable landscapes.

4. Fly geyser in the desert of black Rock, Nevada
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It’s an extraordinary area! Volcanic formations and geothermal sources among the salt marsh formed at the site of the ancient lake Lahontan (length 110 km in length and with a width of 32 km). There is a geyser fly, which is striking in its beauty. Multicolor biologists explain the phenomenon of concentration of minerals and algae in thermal water. By the way, in the desert of black Rock, mined gypsum and dry surface in the southern part allowed the racers to put speed records on the car. Since 1990-ies there is the Burning Man festival.

3. Austin, TX
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In the capital of Texas on the Colorado river adventure! The Texas Capitol surpasses the size of Washington, and the University of Texas with 150 buildings (including the Museum Blanton Museum of Art) gives the world the alumni, who guided IBM, Dell, Intel, Apple, Google, etc. Stadium Darrell K Royal – Texas Memorial Stadium, where the star plays the Texas Longhorns, receives more than 100 thousand spectators. Austin — the live music capital. In any place and at any time heard ringtones in bars, restaurants and on the streets, especially at 6-th street. There are festivals Austin City Limits Music Festival and SXSW. 40 km from city — swimming pool Hamilton Pool, formed thousands of years ago from an underground river.


2. Road the Blue ridge mountains
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Blue Ridge Parkway (754,8 km) was built in 1986. National route runs from North Carolina to Virginia along the Blue ridge. Enough to sit behind the wheel of a car, take the food and just drive. And meet you will discover beauty of wild flora and fauna. By the way, the journey of the Blue ridge mountains is one of the favorite of the Americans. The scenery near the Appalachian mountains, set in a romantic mood, forget the noise and problems of the metropolis. Only nature, a good road and you!

1. Hawaii
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Hawaii is a fabulous corner of the planet. Travelers will find pristine beaches, rainforests, volcanoes, waterfalls. You can stay in small bungalows on the beach or the comfortable hotels. And adventure — an exciting Hiking trails, kayaking, near the ancient rocks, surfing, diving… But even if you’re just going to sit on the beach, you will find a kaleidoscope of impressions, because the local views and Polynesian atmosphere will transport you into the wonderful world of beauty and serenity.







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