Traveling the USA: the international spy Museum in Washington

Traveling the USA: the international spy Museum in Washington

Your favorite movies «Mr. and Mrs. Smith», «Mission impossible», «the Bourne Identity» and all the «Bond»? Then you’ll definitely want to visit this Museum.

The international spy Museum in Washington is the best place to see and be sure that all sorts of things «secret», for example, shoes with built-in gun or the button camera is not an invention of the scriptwriters and Directors, and the usual routine of secret agents or spies.

Just note that the Washington spy Museum is not the only one in the world. There is one in Finland (Tampere), however, in the us it is not. Washington assembled the world’s largest ever took place collection of espionage artifacts.

International spy Museum you will be able not just to see pictures of famous spies and to read or listen to their biography, watch a film. Here you can see over 600 exhibits of the things that previously belonged to the spies and seized from them. This hidden cameras, listening devices, umbrella with a syringe containing a deadly poison (just like in the movie «the Prick an umbrella»), lipstick-gun, sunglasses with built in camera and other spy gadgets. There are also shooting the car.

Traveling the USA: the international spy Museum inСС

Just note that almost a quarter of the Museum is devoted to relations between the USSR and the USA during the «cold war» (a showroom), a quarter – of course, the best spy of all time – 007. The rest of the Museum presents to your attention a variety of interesting facts from the life of spies and their work.

But that’s not all. The Museum always has various interactive displays where you can learn everything, touch and experience for yourself. You can easily imagine yourself in the role of spy and crawl, for example, on the ventilation shaft or play in the spy quest, to see how «bugs» and much more.

Traveling the USA: the international spy Museum inСС

By the way, the game spy starts at the very beginning. Upon entering, you choose a character that will be during the tour through the Museum, and remain so to the end.

Just note that the international spy Museum is one of the few pay museums in DC. And the cost of entry is very expensive – 21,95 USD per ticket for adults (12 to 64 years) and 14.95 per child (6 to 11 years). For the elderly aged 65 years the ticket price will amount to 15,95 dollar. Children under 6 years free. In this special exhibition the Museum also paid an average of about $ 12.

Traveling the USA: the international spy Museum inСС

At the entrance to the Museum there is a souvenir shop where in memory of the visit to the Museum you can buy a lot of fun spy stuff.

If you want to visit the spy Museum, but you want to save – before you buy a ticket, visit the website Groupon discount. Here you can get a discount on tickets up to 50%. A flyer for a discount, you can also look at the reception at the hotel if you come to D.C. from out of town.

Museum address: 800 F St NW, Washington DC, DC 20004-1505

Phone: +1 202-393-7798

The official website of the Museum.

To buy tickets in advance, you can here.

Opening hours: the Museum is open daily from 10.00 am to 18.00 PM.