TOP 5 best cities for retirees

TOP 5 best cities for retirees

After living in a large bustling metropolis know what to spend there old age – not the best idea, especially as there are cities, as if specially created in order to comfortably enjoy a well deserved retirement.

Analytical center U.S. News compared the 100 largest cities in the U.S. to choose a place where seniors will feel most comfortable spending your old age.

Among the most important criteria included housing affordability, attractiveness, level of happiness of residents, the number of taxes, the situation on the labour market and access to quality hospitals. The basis for the study consists of online surveys of people over the age of 45, about how they see the ideal city for a noble old age.

We will review star the top five ranking of the best cities for retirees in 2018.

1/ Sarasota, Florida
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Sarasota is located on the coast of Florida Bay, South of Tampa. Despite the fact that the city boasts miles of white-sand beaches, where happy to spend time, elderly residents and tourists consider it a typical resort is not worth it. Should the level of health care provide medical center Sarasota memorial healthcare system and hospital Doctors Hospital of Sarasota that are also major employers in the area. For fun meet the beautiful city orchestra, ballet, Opera and theater troupe. Urban creature comforts in Sarasota are expensive, but the house here can be an average buy for $226,200. In addition, Florida has no income tax.

2/ Lancaster, Pennsylvania
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The former capital of Pennsylvania is a real treasure trove for those interested in history. There is a lot of historical sights such as the house of the 15th US President, James Buchanan, the underground railroad during the Civil war and several well-preserved buildings of XVIII century. Of course, the story is not the only benefit of this wonderful city. Medical care at the highest level have to Lancaster General Hospital, and fresh produce-you can always get on urban farmer’s market, which, according to rumors, is the oldest in the country.

3/ San Antonio, Texas
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A wonderful city in Texas makes it particularly attractive low cost of living and no income tax. A lot of housing here and it is available, the average price of a house was fixed at $148,900. Quality medical care is provided at University Hospital, Methodist Hospital and Baptist Medical Center. About 500 companies, military bases and shopping networks provide a sufficient number of jobs, and attractions such as the Alamo for tourists which help the city to develop.

4/Grand rapids, Michigan
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The city of Grand rapids, located on the North of the USA, is the second largest city in Michigan after Detroit. There will especially appeal to artists and art lovers. Once a year the city turns into one continuous art gallery, where locals, tourists and experts in the field of art vote to determine the person whose work is worthy of the prize, ArtPrize and the main prize of $500,000. To live in Grand rapids not as expensive as in new York or Santa Fe, the average cost of rent hovers around $726 USD per month. Among the best hospitals includes Spectrum Health Butterworth Hospital and Mercy Health St. Marcy’s Campus.


5/ El Paso, Texas
TOP 5 best cities for retireesSource: depositphotos

El Paso is in Western Texas on the Rio Grande. In the era of the Wild West, this area was a Mecca for adventurers, thieves and robbers, attracting all who tried to escape from the servants of the law. Now the city is an excellent choice for seniors with limited finances, as housing here is relatively cheap: the average house costs $110,500, and the monthly rent of $1,043 (after payment of the mortgage collateral that was reduced to $376). Seniors aged 60 years and older are required to pay a tax of $566 per month. Work on part-time work they can find in the numerous call centers of the city. The military base at Fort bliss is the largest employer in the area.


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