No one dies in Lily Dale

No one dies in Lily Dale

Lily Dale is a fabulous village located in upstate new York, where they live spiritualists and mediums. People go there from all over the country to get in touch with the dead.


Strange but true — every year hundreds of thousands of tourists eager to see the beauty of Niagara falls, and only a few of them look here. But the village of Lily Dale is just an hour drive from Buffalo, and back to new York from here is closer than the waterfall — about six hours by car, however, the trip to this place though quiet, but very winding.

Each year the village comes 20 000-30 000 visitors. One of them wants to get in touch with the deceased, and some just to admire the beautiful nature and mingle with the locals. This place is open year-round, but hotels in the village closed in September, although it is possible to spend the night in a Motel nearby. Generally, this settlement is considered closed, therefore, if you are planning a trip, first check on the official website — if you will open the gatewhen you arrive, or due to internal events, all will be closed.

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The visitor pays $ 15 per visit (by the way tickets to the end of the day it is necessary to return it to the cashier) and then decides what to do. The program here is very rich — there are seminars and lessons, and Hiking in the woods to communicate with the departed… the Main thing to remember is that when you pass through the gate, as if leaving the ordinary world and find yourself immediately in the other. All behind the gates on the other hand begins a completely different life.

His appearance Lily Dale is obliged to the two sisters from new York state (Wayne, Hydesville) — Margaret and Kate Fox. According to legend, in 1848, these young ladies have discovered in myself the ability to communicate with spirits who lived in their family house. Did these girls repeatedly and sometimes even in the eyes of the terrified neighbors and parents. However, the sister was not afraid, on the contrary, they moved closer to Rochester and opened their society. Many followers of spiritualism believe his birthday March 31, 1848, on this day sisters communicated with a spirit that they called Mr. Splitfoot.

To get his sisters was very difficult. Endless skeptics did, to prove to society that they are unscrupulous liars. But over time, supporters of this movement became so numerous that the sisters decided to organize their own settlement. Really got to give it to their followers only in 1879. It was then that a small group of spiritualists bought 20 acres of land and gave this place a long title “Settlement of Cassadaga lake free thinkers”, and later in 1903, the place began to be called also “City of lights”.

Two employees of the local library will tell you that the established name Lily Dale appeared because, when the group arrived at the place, on a local lake lived two swans. One called Lily Dale, and second, they say, was called the village. But this is just another tale, of which there are many. The road that led to the village, was always called Dale Drive, add to this the fact that the surface of the lake, near which is a settlement, always densely covered with lilies … In 1906 the name Lily Dale was formalized.

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Today on a regular basis lives here about three hundred people. At first glance it is an ordinary small village, which preserved many old houses. However, they messed with the layout of the streets — they sharply curtail, if not do circles. For tourists there are several modest restaurants, beach on the lake, a place for presentations, where you can tell, for example, about his new book. By the way, the authors come here quite often, and because of the high chance to get a book with a dedicatory inscription. Plus, a few souvenir shops, and even your own rhythm of life — then no one is in a hurry.

The local Museum deserves special compliments. It is located in a former one-room school, which was built in 1890. Today it holds collections of photographs, old books, Bibles of different issues. There is also a collection devoted to Susan B. Anthony, fighter for the right to vote for women. Incidentally, devotees of spiritualism in this part of the country since the mid-1800s, actively fought for the rights of slaves and women.

In General, the Museum is filled with exhibits that tell about the history and events over the last 150 years, occurred in the Northern part of the state (Upstate NY). The entrance fee is ten dollars.

Clear that many come here not for the Museum or of Souvenirs. Their goal is to communicate with those who have not. In order to do this, you need to choose the medium. This can be done on the official website of Lily Dale. Then contact him personally — usually each have their own website and make an appointment. On this same website has all the information about upcoming events, schedule, prices for services and much more.

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For a hundred plus years of existence, the village, of course, have changed greatly. For example before the local practiced lighting candles around their homes. But on 21 September 1955 because of a gust of wind burned so many old and unique houses, including the house of the Fox sisters, who moved from Hydesville that it was decided to stop lighting candles on the street. Now there is a special Fire hall and that there are all the rituals for which it is necessary to light the candles. There is also a sand — he in case of fire, and another for the Tibetan monks, who are frequent visitors — every year at the beginning of the summer season in this sand they paint a mandala, or sacred image, symbolizing, for example, the sphere of living deities.

Today to explore all settlement hours’. The fact that many, shall we say, its parts are in the forest. For example, the village of the fairies (Fairy village). Local people believe that fairies live here. For them they built a bunch of small and very nice houses, often reminiscent of birdhouses Not long ago the village was moved to a new place is local I decided that gnome was too much and they don’t have enough space.

One of the oldest buildings here is the so-called Forest temple. It was built in 1894. It is here that all officially registered in the settlement mediums receive messages from another world. Initially, the temple was used for meetings, which were held here twice a day, they discussed various questions that could answer mediums. The tradition remains, slightly modified.

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Is there still a Healing temple. The building was built for it in 1955. This is the place for peace and solitude from worldly vanity. We are talking exclusively about spiritual healing. In Lily Dale no one treats the body. Here they have healed the soul.

Don’t miss Inspired and the stump, which is located in the South-Eastern part of the settlement. It is located in a clearing that surrounded a large and old trees. A dozen pews lined up in one direction and a small iron gate that protects the stump is all that is here. The stump was discovered by accident but quickly became a cult place. Mediums kept saying that this is where you feel a special bond with the other world. Over time, due to weather and time the stump was destroyed and he was covered with a kind of hood made of concrete, which, in the opinion of the spiritualists, is not affected by his energy.

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Daily services are already there since 1898. To attend they can be anyone. It looks like this: first, all are seated, then the President asks them to be quiet, not to get up from their seats and not move possible at all. Then mediums one after another tell what the spirits are now present near the stump. People listen to descriptions and raise their hands if the description sounds familiar to ask additional questions.

  • It is a completely different experience than in the Church, told me, my friend, who likes to go to the village because of the gatherings around the stump. — I do not believe that those whom I have lost, will definitely come back to communicate with me. But it is the experience of a different kind. In all religions you supposedly communicate with God during a service or prayer. Here I am just hoping to communicate with someone long gone on earth. Does it work with me? I do not know. But I know that after such meetings I always come away with high spirits, it does not work for me, depressing, as there is a service in the Church. I remember when I a psychic described the man, and the girl sitting next to me recognized the description of his father. She back did not go, and flew. If it was staged? Then the girl should be given “Oscar” for the best role. Was it a coincidence? And does it matter if in the end you have in mind, happiness?

There is in the village cemetery for Pets. There can still be seen tombstones cats, dogs, and even fish, Dating from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. But to bury the people closest to Lily Dial the churchyard, has long been prohibited. There are in this country, and another interesting prohibition — you can’t buy property. But you can stay in tents on the shore of the lake, at least for the summer.

The locals are very concerned about the preservation of the environment, however, for their own reasons — they believe that the better environment and the more intact the people is the terrain, the better the relationship with the Kingdom of the dead. Therefore, never leave garbage in the forest, and look carefully at his feet on the narrow paths — you can step on the gnome, of which there are many. And be prepared for the fact that the local hotel has no televisions, air conditioners, elevators and other delights of modern life.

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