Why a seat is almost always blue?

Why a seat is almost always blue?

Color has a big impact on our lives. Much more than you could ever imagine. For example, the color of the walls in the building directly affect your mood, so for the interior of the office never pick up the color bright, flashy. Remember this rule and major airlines.

Of course, needless to stay high above the ground – unusual for a man, so most of us experiences stress to a greater or lesser extent, while on the plane. The goal of any airline to reduce the level of anxiety. Color interior helps in this task. In the company of Boeing believe that the blue color is calming and can relieve stress during the flight.

Why a seat is almost always blue?

«The color of the sky, bright and Sunny, lowers heart rate, normalizes your blood pressure and releases dopamine in the brain,» says Kelly Hopkins-Alvarez, licensed professional counselor and certified coach.

The results of a study published in Journal of Management Decision, show that there is a correlation between colors and the human psyche. «Managers of different companies can use colors to increase or decrease appetite, enhance mood, calm down customers, and also affect the perception of wait time, etc», — the report says.

But the color is not the only way to reassure passengers of the plane. Virtually no airliner is not complete without carpet – walkway between rows of seats. This is also part of the plan. No, the carpet does not soften the blow in case of a fall, — it calms you, making the atmosphere more relaxed and comfortable, like home.


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