United Airlines is adding 10 new routes

United Airlines is adding 10 new routes

United Airlines adds 10 new routes, including to cities where the company had not made the flight, namely – Elmira, new York and Wilmington, North Carolina.

So, three new routes will start from O’hare airport in Chicago. From 9 April twice a day (and every day) flights will go to Wilmington and El Paso, Texas. Seasonal route to Fresno, California, will open on 7 June.

United Airlines is adding 10 new routes

Four new routes will fly from Los Angeles. From 9 April, two of them will be operated year-round and twice per day to Medford and Redmond, Oregon and back. In Missoula and Kalispell, Montana, the flights will be seasonal, from June 7.

In addition, on April 9 will be operated daily flights from Newark, new Jersey, Elmira, new York; DULLES international airport in Washington, DC to Wilmington, North Carolina; and from Denver to Jacksonville, Florida.

«We are working hard to get customers, scheduling flights, first chose United Airlines,» said USA TODAY the representative of the company Grant Whitney. «Our new daily flight will take passengers to important «business of cities», and the seasonal summer routes will help easy access to national parks,» said Whitney.


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