In the United States appeared first reserve of the night sky

In the United States appeared first reserve of the night sky

Life in the big city is beautiful and amazing, but even she has limitations, one of which is the inability to fully admire the stars in the night sky. All because of one of the greatest inventions of mankind – electricity. We are literally enveloped our planet with artificial lighting that blocks the natural light of the night space, which is quite unfortunate.

The light pollution researchers say that about 80% of people in the world living in cities cannot see the stars, and this means that there is a need in creation of special reserves, which could go people who want to enjoy the beautiful views. Fortunately, now in Idaho opened the first nature reserve of the night sky. The international Dark Sky Association (IDA) approved the application of the Central dark sky reserve in Idaho (Central Idaho Dark Sky Reserve), declaring it the first such place in the United States. In total there are 12 official sanctuaries of dark skies.

An unusual reserve covers an area of 1,416 square miles, making it the third largest «Foundation» of the dark sky in the world. It extends from the Sun Valley to Stanley, including parts of the National reserve Sotot. Here is the place to look for all astronomers-hobbyists, photographers or just for travellers fascinated by the beauty of the sky, because the sanctuary promises to provide the ideal conditions for observing the sky without any obstacles and unnecessary artificial lighting.

According to the IDA, in order to obtain an official title of dark sky reserve, the area must provide «exceptional and a remarkable view of the sky, stars and night environment».

Because of the predominantly mountainous landscape, the Central dark sky reserve in Idaho largely proved unsuitable for electrification, leading to the deployment of a large number of artificial light. Representatives of the office of the national Park say that in some parts of his visitors will not even be able to use mobile phones, because there is simply no reception.

The international Dark Sky Association was formed in 1988 to combat light pollution. In 2001, the Program was created for Dark places, to work to develop public lighting policies for the protection and preservation of the night sky.