Traditions: how to celebrate New year in the world

Traditions: how to celebrate New year in the world

The loudest celebration, which annually manages to gather at the table for several generations, to fill our stomachs week supply of food for one night, to give so much warmth and delight children. How celebrate New year in America and the rest of the world?


In France particularly like to rest during the new year holidays so that they begin on December 6 — St. Nicholas day. From this day walks the streets of Pere-Noel – French Santa Claus. There are all the classics – gifts are good and obedient children. The wizard moves on a donkey, wearing wooden shoes, and house gets as Santa going down the chimney. To grandfather was where to put the gifts, the children leave in front of the fireplace footwear. The French partly cruel to their children – Pere-Noel has an assistant – Per-Fueter. This is a grandfather with a cane, and his mission is to tell the chief about the child’s behavior. Then the companions make a conclusion deserves a little candy or punishment.

Traditions: how to celebrate New year in the world

Holiday table new year’s eve in France is to be salads, fruits, cakes, candies, wine, smoked ham or game. But the regional culinary traditions make adjustments. For example, in the northeast most likely will cook the goose, in Burgundy – the Turkey. The menu can be bread from buckwheat, lobster, oysters, foie Gras in the form of Christmas log. Not in the vegetarians to be said, but the French love to put on a festive table with a pig’s head with beans, chestnuts, and other legumes.


The Germans also begin to let in the Christmas mood before the holidays. Moving through the streets, passers-by they wish «Guten Rutsch» which literally means «Good slide». Such a strange promise to explain the word «Rutsch» comes from «Rosh Hashanah» in Hebrew – «the beginning of the year.» So, in such a funny way, the Germans covertly wish each other a happy New year!

Christmas is here honor more than the New year. Therefore, the large and expensive gifts are given on December 25th but on the night of 31 December – nice and atmospheric stuff. Most likely it will be something symbolic four-leaf clover, chimney sweep or the figure of a pig.

Traditions: how to celebrate New year in the world

Festive table in Germany is quite modest – only thing that will really fit in the stomach without consequences. Compulsory item in the menu is raclette or fondue (lots and lots of melted greasy cheese). The Germans love fish dishes. Besides, it is believed that silvery scales to bring in the new year wealth. For dessert, Berlin doughnuts, drink, champagne, champagne cocktail and punch.


Despite the fact that most of the population of Ukraine considers the New year a major holiday, the tradition of celebrating on 31 December, mostly left from the Soviet era.

On 19 December, Ukraine celebrates the day of St. Nicholas. Especially it is important for children, he comes down with the angel and devil and have the good boys and girls appear gifts. There was the concept of «shedriy OCR», which is partly managed to preserve in the Western part of Ukraine. On the eve of Ukrainian women wondering husband, children went from house to house, singing «Sadri» and «Christmas Carol»– new year’s song. Wish happiness to the house, and themselves begging for candy.

Today is New year in Ukraine is usually celebrated in the family circle, with a large feast and watching new year’s concerts. All also actual the old Soviet movie «Irony of fate or with light steam» from the genius of Eldar Ryazanov, «Gentlemen of fortune», «Carnival», «Magicians», and other creations for the Golden cinema period.

Will be on the table Olivier, aspic, salads, a million varieties of meat dishes, champagne, sandwiches with caviar, a bucket of tangerines and all kinds of desserts.


New year celebrations in Russia and Ukraine alike. But something in the Russian festive symbols of America: reindeer Santa, red and a lot of wood in the decor, Christmas wreaths.

Traditions: how to celebrate New year in the world

In Russia there are some Christmas signs. For example, clothes should be wear the newest and the best to be around the new the next year. The main thing in preparation for the holiday – to say goodbye to all the things in my life don’t want to see: to distribute debts, to take out the trash, donate unwanted clothes to the needy, to make peace with all with whom to quarrel. To sleep in the night from 31 December, if you have more than 7 years, is also prohibited – so as not to Wake the whole year.

The feasting begins long before midnight – after all, you first need to end the year. The festive menu will be similar to Ukrainian: Russian salad, champagne, tangerines. Movie background is also identical. All obediently listen to the President’s speech, during the battle of chimes write a wish on paper, burn it, throw it into a champagne glass, and drink. It is important to have time to 00:00 to make a wish come true.


In America, a family holiday would be Christmas. So the New year is more about parties, friends, clubs and noisy main streets of the city. For example, in new York at Times Square every year with a height of 23 meters down a huge crystal ball. By midnight, the ball reaches the end point – this means that come the new year.

In other parts of the States doing something like a parody – I leave the actual ritual, but the ball is replaced by the symbol of the city. This can be a car, a piece of fruit, and a pet. For example, in Atlanta, a giant peach, a North Carolina – brass acorn.

Traditions: how to celebrate New year in the world

And some Americans still believe that the colour of their underwear determines what they will gain in the coming year. For example, red means love, white is peace, gold is prosperity.

The concept of «Christmas table» in America is quite relative. After all, most of the population celebrates the holiday in restaurants and clubs. But if the family stays at home, most likely for dinner is stuffed Turkey. Stuffing can serve all that were at home: cheese, bread, dried fruit, beans, mushrooms or apples. Champagne – a must! To complement the menu, drinks egg nog and punch.

South America

In South America New year is called «Ano Viego». People create a fake identity or take the dummy, and placed it outside the house. This body acts as a Scarecrow. Fill it with used toilet paper and firecrackers. The effigy will symbolize the past year. At midnight all the senior family members come to to burn it. So they escorted past, and clearing the way for new things. Now remember that inside the body were the firecrackers, and imagine how much comes out beautiful sight!

Traditions: how to celebrate New year in the world

There is something that unites the traditions of all countries and peoples in the new year’s eve is the desire to get better, and surround yourself with those closest to us. We all want to leave a failure, laziness and fears, quarrels and lies. Want to enter the new year stronger, powerful and purposeful. If we can keep this zeal and desire until the morning January 1 – will make the world a better place.