Where to go for the Northern lights in America

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The sky becomes blue-green, somewhere you can see rose…If the artist poured out of the sky a bucket of fluorescent paint. When it seems that someone photoshops the landscape directly in front of your eyes in live mode – this is the Northern lights. Colorful canvas can stretch 160 kilometres in width, and 1600 – length.

How, why and where it happens it’s magical?

Northern lights takes place on Earth, but caused by processes occurring in the Sun. We know that molten ball of gas we call the Sun consists of hydrogen and helium atoms. Atoms – protons. Around the protons electrons. And have different unit charges: protons positive and electrons negative.

Go ahead: the Sun bathes the cloud is more than hot gas – it’s called «solar crown». So here it is permanently spits out particles of atoms – in all directions. These pieces, moving steadily with a speed of 960 kilometers per second – this phenomenon is called «solar wind». Once the solar wind hits the Earth’s magnetic field. And here begins.

When all that threw the Sun comes into our atmosphere it collides with nitrogen and oxygen (as is most of our atmosphere). Some atoms lose some of their electrons, and the second part – on the contrary, receives additional energy. When they settle down after this excitement, then emit a light photon – and we litsezreem the Northern lights.

If a molecule has got more power than he had – the color will be red, and if lost my electron blue and violet. Charged particles from the Sun cause the air of the earth’s atmosphere to shimmer with different colors — this is the Northern lights.

Where in America to see the Northern lights?

Everyone knows that almost every night the Northern lights can be observed at the North pole. But in other places of the planet have the opportunity. In America, as in Scandinavia, the chance to see the Northern lights appears from 20 to 200 times a year. Far more than in Paris or London – there is such a miracle happens 5-10 times a year. But in Mexico city it has only happened once.

Where to go for the Northern lights in America

So, where to go in America to admire the polar lights?


There is almost no one lives, so that nothing will hinder contemplation. Going to Alaska, specifically in Denali national Park (about 400 miles from anchorage). This is best done in the fall. In addition to Northern lights, here about 25 thousand square kilometers of wildlife. And the Park is named after the highest mountain in the USA – Denali. She’s being located. Here are in walking or Cycling trip, mountain climbing or dealing with grizzly bears, wolves, moose, reindeer and sheep dalla.

Denali national Park, Alaska


Idaho is in the Pacific North-West in the mountain States group and can rightly boast of the diversity of its flora and fauna. 3000 indigenous plants, of which more than 20 species of trees. And the animals here! Elk, moose, deer, pronghorn, toolstorage, snow goats and Cougars. Of those who have less, can meet beavers, and coyotes, foxes, weasels, rabbits and otters, muskrats, badgers, mink and raccoons, and chipmunks and Martens. But we are here for the Northern lights in the first place! And it is in Idaho special. Rather, the water surface of lakes make it special. What are we talking about – go look with your own eyes.

National forest Idaho Panhandle, Idaho

Where to go for the Northern lights in America


Maine is in New England. Most of the territory is covered by forests (84 %), and hence flora and fauna is on an enviable level. In Maine, we will meet with deer, elk, black bear, lynx, beaver, otter, muskrat, mink, marten, weasel, raccoon, skunk, Fox and rabbit, and even a porcupine. The underwater world is not less bright: in rivers and lakes there are perch, trout, pike and salmon, and in the coastal waters of resting seals and porpoises. World-wide fame had already achieved local lobster.

And if you come here in spring or autumn – and even the Northern lights have the ability to follow. As at this time in Maine maximum magnetic activity.

National wildlife refuge Aroostook, Maine


Minnesota is the greatest source of the Mississippi river. And this is the second (after Alaska) the most Northern state in the United States. And 400 kilometres North-East of Minneapolis in king County from late fall to early spring you can see the Northern lights.

Cook County, mn


In the upper Peninsula of Michigan is the eponymous freshwater lake in the period of the Northern lights all photographers focus here. Just imagine what a spectacle, when multi-colored shimmering sky reflected in the giant lake.

The upper part poluostrova Michigan

Where to go for the Northern lights in America