Traveling in USA: 5 of the most coldest cities

Traveling in USA: 5 of the most coldest cities

Over the weekend residents of new York were expecting a real test in the form of unusually low temperatures and snowfall. As sung in a popular song «Baby it’s cold outside», but we all know that can be far worse. In America there are cities, where temperatures are kept much longer and bad weather in the Big Apple, there could be a smooth warming.

1/ Fairbanks, Alaska

Traveling in USA: 5 of the most coldest cities

If you are looking for the coldest city you should go to Alaska, the center of which, on the right Bank of the Tanana river lies the small town of Fairbanks, with a population of slightly more than 30 thousand people. The winter is long and cold. It lasts from late September to early may, the average temperature during the cold season is -26 degrees Celsius, and the coldest day in January is 40 degrees. Despite the harsh climate, and perhaps thanks to him, tourism is important here and even hosts major sled dog race Yukon Quest.

2/ Grand Forks, North Dakota

Traveling in USA: 5 of the most coldest cities

The third largest city in North Dakota, Grand forks, located on the West Bank of the Red river. Due to the humid continental climate is clearly separated seasons. Winters in Grand forks are long, cold and quite snowy, because 47% of the days in the year there is snow that falls in October and sometimes melts only in may. On the coldest days the thermometer drops to -36 degrees Celsius.

3/ Bismarck, North Dakota

Traveling in USA: 5 of the most coldest cities

Residents of the capital of North Dakota has also long been accustomed to the white, frosty winters. The name of the city was in honor of German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck to attract German migrants and with them the German investment (which ultimately bore fruit, as 60 % of the residents today are descendants of German immigrants). The climate is sharply continental with frosty winters and hot summers. The lowest temperature in Bismarck, -45 degrees Celsius, was recorded on February 16, 1936, although the average winter temperature sometimes drops below -40 degrees.

4/ Fargo, Nd

Traveling in USA: 5 of the most coldest cities CVB/CC

The climate of the largest city in North Dakota you can compare with the climate in Orenburg is winter very cold (especially by American standards), but not particularly lengthy, and summers, on the contrary — very hot. The strongest frosts usually hit in January and February, when the absolute minimum is recorded in the same period in -44 degrees Celsius. The season here usually falls 132 cm of snow. In 2011, Fargo has become a leader in The Weather Channel, in which respondents were asked to name the city with the most rigid weather («Toughest Weather City»). It was given to 850 000 votes, and the respondents were motivated by the frequent snowstorms, severe frosts and floods.

5/ Watertown, South Dakota

Traveling in USA: 5 of the most coldest cities

Watertown was founded in 1879 as a railway station. The name of the city received from the city of Watertown in upstate new York, which was the hometown of one of its founders. The climate is less severe than in other cities on our list: in winter the temperature occasionally drops below -40 degrees and the first snow falls already in October. This city is popular among tourists, especially among those who are interested in art, because there is an art gallery Redline containing a large number of works by American artist Terry Redlin, the famous image of the wild nature.


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