Hotels USA, where they filmed your favorite movies

Hotels USA, where they filmed your favorite movies

Thanks to movies, these hotels we are familiar with every nook and cranny. And each of them is for us shrouded in a special atmosphere. How cool would it be to be the hero of the film, to feel part of his story… to Touch imprinted on the film subjects to inhale their fragrance… Many of the famous hotels where they filmed the classic movie located in USA. About them and the story goes.

«Home alone – 2»

The main scene in the movie «home Alone – 2» — Plaza Hotel. For the most part it is in the Plaza occur misadventures of Kevin McCallister. And it’s not only the painting, «wish» to happen here. At the Plaza was filmed «the Great Gatsby», «American hustle» and, of course, «debut» film hotel «North by Northwest» by Alfred Hitchcock.

Star hotel, built in French Chateau style, is located on the corner of 5th Avenue and Central Park in new York. But first, the guests are brought back in 1907.

«Pretty woman»

The famous romantic Comedy starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere was filmed in California Beverly Wilshire (A Four Seasons Hotel). Today popularly referred to as — «Hotel Beauty».

In fact, from the hotel in the frame were just a facade. The rest is Studio scenery, inspired by the interior of the rooms in the Four seasons.

The hotel was a popular spot Barack Obama, the Dalai Lama XIV, Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Elton John.

Scent of a woman

In the distant 1931, The Waldorf Astoria (new York) were built with a claim to the status of the highest in the world. As such, this hotel was built in art Deco style, from time to time and was. Starting with the 31st U.S. President Herbert Hoover each successive head of the White house definitely stayed in the «Waldorf Astoria». But today we know the hotel’s interiors with films «Scent of a woman», «the Family of Tenenbaum», «coming to America» and «maid in Manhattan».


One of the most famous gangster movies — «Scarface» — was shot in the interiors of Fontainebleau Miami beach. Remember how at the pool hotel hero Steven Bauer al Pacino reveals the secrets of conquering female hearts (though, fails immediately)?

Its own, albeit not the main role, the hotel «played» in the movie «the Bodyguard» with Whitney Houston.

In «Fontainebleau» is often used to stop Frank Sinatra, Jerry Lewis, Dean Martin.


Similar to the luxury French castle, the Chateau Marmont (Hollywood), where he shot his film «somewhere» Sofia Coppola (where the little heroine finds a lost father, actor), and before that was popular.

They say «Chateau Marmont» was throwing noisy parties became famous after the release of «Titanic» Leonardo DiCaprio. Found here refuge and other movie stars and rock and pop music, particularly Jim Morrison and Britney Spears.


The best place for the development of events in a detective Thriller Alfred Hitchcock considered the Fairmont San Francisco. After the release of the film «Vertigo» (1958), the hotel began to appear in dozens of films of other Directors, particularly in the action movie «the Rock» with Connery and cage and the Comedy «Junior» with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The Fairmont San Francisco is located on the top of Nob hill where incredible views of the Golden Gate bridge and angel island.

«The shining»

The hero of this story is not so much the hotel Timberline Lodge located in the eponymous ski resort in Oregon, as its owner. Worrying that after the movie no one wants to stay in that terrible room, the hotelier asked Stanley Kubrick to change the room number from 217 (as in the Stephen king book) to 237, which is in the «Timberline Lodge» does not exist. However, it did not happen: the fans of paintings and today you come here to settle it in room 217.

«The hangover»

Oddly, the next landmark, and not even one, are located in Las Vegas. The story takes place in two luxurious hotels, the Bellagio and Caesars Palace. After that, the hotels had time to «play» in several dozen Hollywood films.

On the roof of Caesars Palace, the characters in «Hangover» drinking shots of «Jagermeister», after which their memory refuses to record further events.

And 10, ocean, turning their Scam, enjoy the wonderful view and the Bellagio fountains. Casino where George Clooney had fun with the company, belongs to Bellagio. And in «rain Man» Dustin Hoffman wins a fortune for Tom cruise in the playing hall Caesars Palace.

«Interview with the vampire»

Neil Jordan for the filming of his mystical paintings chose the neoclassical mansion of the XIX century Oak Alley Plantation Bed & Breakfast in the town Vachery (Vacherie). The famous oak alley, while 28 branches of century-old oaks, a romantic arch from the Mississippi river to the main building of the plantation — everything is available for tourists. Guests are accommodated in cottages on the grounds of the plantation. By the way, one of them during the filming of «Interview with the vampire», is rumored to be lived Brad pitt.