US cities | All about Houston

US cities | All about Houston

In 2008, the magazine Forbes estimated Houston as one of the ten most affordable but still comfortable for living cities in the United States. Russian-speaking residents here, of course, enough.

50 thousand Texas choosing to settle in Houston (especially popular the West of the city, near the Gallery).

Since 1997 work here Russian Amateur theater, cultural center, and is available in Russian newspaper «Our Texas». The city library has a section of books on the great and mighty.

US cities | All about Houston

As I live in Houston

Here OK to stand in a queue for a plate of meat an hour. The entire state of Texas just obsessed with barbecue. For them it is not only the satisfaction of natural needs, gluttony or just pleasure. But in the atmosphere. This is definitely a huge stove with a pile of flavorful meat and ribs. So the locals are prepared to stand under the scorching sun to pick up a cherished portion of tender sirloin.

And Texans love weapon. And terribly proud that you have the right to possess. Many weapons are becoming collectable items. And the trip to the shooting range — one of the most popular ways to spend leisure time.

US cities | All about Houston

If you plan a cultural evening in Houston — you to Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar (1201 Fannin St, Unit 310). Many locals come here alone, to comfort your heart with wonderful music, or simply spend time under atmospheric soundtracks that reflect.

A big event like birthday celebration or corporate event, be held in Dave and Buster’s (Richmond at Fountainview). Many company comfortable, tasty feed and water. Excellent service and a great selection of video games.

Work in Houston

US cities | All about Houston

The minimum wage in Texas is $8 per hour. Houston is the center of the state. At present, there is a lot of work in the construction business, automotive, landscaping, programming and IT-technologies. There is always a lot of vacancies for electronics engineers, mechanics. Most proposals in oil producing and refining areas.

Rental housing in Houston

US cities | All about Houston

If you have chosen Houston — you are lucky. The fat count in the monthly list of expenses usually takes «rent». Although Texas is almost the cheapest state in the real estate market. The house here can be removed at the same time huge and cheap. But what’s really on the rent of the house, for $200 thousand you can buy a mansion!

Apartments for rent in Houston, in the city, not the suburbs, will be about $1000 per month. In the suburbs, of course, you can find cheaper housing. Usually such apartments are given without furniture. But if it is a must, will have to pay fifteen hundred. So many to save take the apartment empty, filling used furniture.

What to eat in Houston

US cities | All about Houston

The classic family (two adults + the child) to food in Houston takes about $550 per month. This figure does not include trips to the restaurant, especially the home kitchen. Grocery stores here are different in terms of prices. So explore and look for the comfortable option for your wallet.

The average price of products:

bread — $2.50;
12 eggs — $2.30;
chicken fillet — $6 for a pound;
cheese — $11.50;
potato — $2.30.

US cities | All about Houston

If you decide a quick snack outside the home, lunch at a simple fast food will cost $6. In other places, of course, the prices are higher. The average main course will cost $10 plus a drink. Tea-and coffee — add $2-4 a glass of wine — plus $10.

If you plan to party, and pizza delivery to the house can not be avoided — most will cost $20 plus a tip, which you may put in the amount of 18-20% of the check. Check, most likely you already check.

Other expenses in Houston

US cities | All about Houston

If you already have children who need to attach to the garden — for 3 part-time (i.e. just before lunch) will have to pay about $300 per month. Most likely it will be a garden at the Church. If you are planning to leave the child under supervision for the whole day all week — be prepared to shell out from $800 to $1500.

By the way, about the churches. Texas is one of the most religious States, so sooner or later you may join some Church. Here comes another item in the column of expenses — tithing. It is generally accepted that the amount should be Ten% from the salary. This, of course, not necessarily. But keep in mind.

After garden child need to carry to school. The cheapest education will cost you $10,000 per year. And, of course, the more prestigious the place, the more will be the cost of the study. For the overall development of each family member, there are courses of painting, sculpting, sewing, and other things. The price for these classes will be $80-100 for a 2 times a week.

US cities | All about Houston

Do not forget about leisure. Fortunately, in Houston hosts many free festivals and events. The dances, the concerts, the movies. But enough of the festivals and paid less crowded. It can be a celebrity meeting or exhibition — anything. Usually the entrance to the exhibition costs the visitors $25. And sad news for book lovers — books are expensive.

Clothes can be found at a very cheap price. For example, t-shirts for $10-15, sweatshirts — $20-30, jeans $30-50, sneakers $30. Baby stuff is much cheaper $8 over the blouse. But throw all that out of your head, and remember important new information: on sale in Houston can you buy all discounts up to 70%. Sometimes, the cherished number is even 95%.

For the movie ticket place $10 per person. In the Museum you will get for the price from $13 on man.

US cities | All about Houston

In Houston need a car. If the purchase of the car will take place not today, for you will have many listings. But the math to start with, you beneficial if such costs + insurance+ gasoline. Or is it better to wait to buy its cars? Moreover, the price for gasoline can change on the following day, and not for the better. During the year it varies from $1.69 to $2,35 per gallon (3.78 liters). Changes in the cost immediately after the change in the price of oil.

Medical and auto insurance – it is something without which you will not get far. If your employer does not pay for insurance, these $400 per month (for a family of 3 people) will have to pay you. For the same amount you will get the simple insurance. And yet, we agreed that you need a car. So it requires insurance for $70 per month.