The student flushed my hamster down the toilet on demand Spirit Airlines

The student flushed my hamster down the toilet on demand Spirit Airlines

A student from Miami flushed their furry pet — Djungarian hamster named Pebls. «I had no choice,» bitterly recalls his action by 21-year-old Belem Alderase in an interview with the Miami Herald. According to the girl, to take a sin on soul, it has forced airline employee Spirit Airlines.

Pebls, died November 21 at the International airport Baltimore-Washington, where her mistress was going home before thanksgiving. The hamster was the pet for emotional support, and had all the supporting documents. Before booking a ticket Belem twice said the carrier, it is possible to take the animal on Board: the girl said I could, but when she tried to pass the gate, it was not allowed.

The student flushed my hamster down the toilet on demand Spirit Airlines

First, the student tried to rent a car or find a free seat in the bus, but due to the influx of tourists before the holiday, her idea was not a success. Belen couldn’t linger, because at home she had to undergo a medical procedure. Then the airline representative asked her to make a difficult choice: to let the hamster out on the street or drown in the toilet of the airport.

Not to condemn the animal to a slow death from the cold, she decided to «do everything quickly». Sinking, Pebls, she cried for 10 minutes and with a heavy heart went to Miami.

Now belém intends to sue Spirit Airlines for giving conflicting information, which led to the death of the animal.

A potential defendant acknowledges that the girl was denied boarding with the hamster but denies that she forced him to drown.

«Our agent is not in any way did not offer the guest (and any other client), to wash the animal or cause him any harm. Very sorry to hear that this guest decided to take the life of their pet,» said the press Secretary of the shipping company in an interview with Fox News.

Who is right will determine the court. Anyway, the airline acted against the rules, since the transport of hamsters allowed by law on emotional support animals.

The Department of transportation also has nothing against them.


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