City USA I All about Denver

City USA I All about Denver

Denver is the largest city and capital of Colorado. Known for spectacular mountain peaks, talented sports teams, and legal marijuana stores. There are no earthquakes, low in people suffering from excess weight and trash on the roadsides. What’s it like living in Denver?

As I live in Denver

Imagine everyday life among the crazy mountain landscapes. The city is worthy of attention not only because of the romantic scenery. Yes, the ocean is not enough, but the convenient location makes trips to different parts of America shorter and cheaper.

City USA I All about Denver

City USA I All about Denver

The downtown Denver solid and cozy. The ancient ruins here to be found – the city was founded, was only in the mid-nineteenth century. The capital of the young and modern, filled with offices and skyscrapers.

Rent in Denver

Property prices here are higher than, for example, in Oklahoma (there is a decent house worth 120-150 thousand dollars). Early to rent a decent apartment can be had for $700-800 per month. Today, this amount is about $1200-1300.

City USA I All about Denver

If you want to save – look for a dream home in the suburbs West of Denver. But remember – without a car not to survive. To the nearest food store will have to go 30 minutes, overcoming fences and other pedestrian barriers.

Work in Denver

To remain idle there is practically no chance – a low unemployment rate of 3.8%. A lot of vacancies, salary are good. Average earnings $60,000 per year.

City USA I All about Denver

What to eat in Denver

That’s what Denver is famous for – is the food. They say that even sneakers in Colorado taste better than the rest of the Universe. What have you heard about the local beer? Certainly, only praise.

There’s actually an opportunity to indulge in traditional beer (recipes tested over the years) and the exotic: cream ( as in the books about Harry Potter), vanilla or citrus, coffee or chocolate.

Check the boxes in the Navigator: 999 18th St. and 300 Josephine St. #20. At this address is «Syrup». Go for the pastries, crazy flavored syrups. From muffin – waffles, studded with berries-fruits, crunchy toasts with butter cream, fluffy pancake. And all sorts of egg dishes, ham and bacon, cheese and vegetables. Yes, you understand correctly, it is the right choice for a delicious morning!

City USA I All about Denver

Another popular place for Breakfast Snooze (or Snooze an AM Eatery). Institutions of the network in Denver three. In appearance – an ordinary café. But he’s got ratings through the roof, and to a free table queues. To shorten the wait, the staff can enjoy a Cup of black coffee with cream – completely free of charge.

If quiet peaceful morning prefer a loud and fun Breakfast that energizes for the whole day, then came to the right place. To Snooze is always loud and fun, and in the air the smell of hot chocolate.

City USA I All about Denver Address: 2262 Larimer St.; 700 N Colorado Blvd; 1701 Wynkoop St.

In General, Breakfast and brunch is a favorite time of day denarski residents. So the institutions that specialize morning magic, here most.

City USA I All about Denver

For the usual lunch/dinner in the «tavern centennial» The Centennial Tavern. In fact, she’s only 6 years old, «age», the owners borrowed from state (co founded 1 August 1876 when the country celebrated its 100 anniversary. For which he earned the nickname «the Centennial state»). The food here is delicious, the atmosphere is pleasant, and the menu is excellent beer. Try «CO Cider Co Grasshop-ah» (cider with lemon twist) and «Denver Beer Co Graham Cracker Porter» (thick porter with a hint of chocolate and vanilla) – you will not regret.

City USA I All about Denver Address: 400 East 20th Ave.

Lovers of Italian cuisine – Grimaldi»s Pizza. The right dough, the oven on the coals, interesting combination of flavors. Interesting interior, and, again, denverthe beer.

City USA I All about Denver Address: 500 16th St., #128, Denver, CO 80202

The disadvantages of living in Denver

City USA I All about Denver

One of the major shortcomings of local traffic. Most roads are not restored and is absolutely not ready to the active traffic. Such close proximity to mountainous terrain ceases to please, when I think about coming by car.

Another problem for ardent opponents of the legalization of marijuana – a fairly large number of lovers of the weed. Despite this, many denvery prefer a healthy lifestyle and are actively involved in fitness.

Oh yeah, Denver is in first place for the number of suicides. Well, if you do not take into account Japan. In the State of Colorado has officially introduced a law allowing terminally ill patients to obtain drugs to get away from life.

Weather in Denver

City USA I All about Denver

The huge advantage of the Colorado – 300 Sunny days a year. The climate is dry temperate – that much taste. The city is located at the junction of the Rocky mountains and the Great plains – this neighborhood will delight nature lovers.

In winter, lack of snow will not the passage from one season to another is easy to determine, looking out the window. But do not be afraid of severe frosts, here a rarity.