United Airlines flight San Francisco — Hawaii safely across the ocean from the failed engine

United Airlines flight San Francisco — Hawaii safely across the ocean from the failed engine

On Tuesday, the passengers of flight United Airlines San Francisco — Hawaii managed to mentally say goodbye to his family. When the aircraft brand The Boeing 777 it was halfway to the destination, he fell off the cone of one of two engines. The incident occurred directly over the Pacific ocean.

The fault was visible to the naked eye — this picture was seen by the passengers from the Windows of the plane

that looks bad, plane and simple ✈ this #ua1175 pic.twitter.com/EKXUxDBw9q

— Erik Haddad (@erikhaddad) February 13, 2018

«It looks bad. I don’t see in the manual was that anything told,» commented Eric Haddad, shot them frames.

Engine problems did not prevent the pilots to deliver passengers to Hawaii — however, had to make an emergency landing. In the transport Department of Hawaii confirmed that the flight landed safely 1175.

This afternoon United Airlines flight 1175 reported a mechanical issue en route to HNL. The plane landed safely with Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting (ARFF) personnel standing by as a precaution. The plane is in the hangar. There is no impact on airport operations or runways.

The Hawaii DOT (@DOTHawaii) February 13, 2018

In United Airlines announced that the people on Board were not injured.

Fellow traveler Eric Haddad Maria Falasha, who also captured the crash, called his trip «the most terrible flight in my life.»

Scariest flight of my life #ua1175 pic.twitter.com/hjCvrJ9VwV

— Maria Falaschi (@mfalaschi) February 13, 2018

Note that the General Electric GE90 engines, which are equipped with the Boeing 777, considered the most powerful gas turbine engines in aviation history. When one fails, the second can ensure the normal operation of an aircraft in flight for three hours.

We will remind that on Monday the passengers of flight Southwst Airlines was lucky enough to ride out the fire on Board.