For 9 days travel-ban checked about 2,000 people, almost all were residents of the United States

For the first 9 days of the travel ban trump customs and border protection (CBP) stopped 1 903 people for secondary inspection. The vast majority (1457 people) — legal permanent residents of the United States.

This is stated in the new document, CBP published in response to numerous requests from the media and politicians in the framework of the implementation of the Law on freedom of information. The document lists all the travelers that were directed to customs and border service on a secondary inspection from 27 January to 4 February 2017.

134 people who were not residents withdrew their requests for entry to the United States and left the country. People stopped not only at airports and border crossings: 10 people were detained on Board the boat in American waters.

In that time, the Department of homeland security initially said that permanent residents not be subject to inspections, the White house denied this statement and said that each case will be considered separately.

Recall that American courts repeatedly blocked the travel ban President trump. The latest version of the law trump signed in September 2017.