Lyft driver dropped off rushing to the airport the pilot learn that will work on the trip lasts only $6

The pilot of major airlines missed the flight due to the fact that the taxi driver refused to take him to the airport and dropped off at a random Parking lot.

Hurrying to the plane, a man by the name of Darrell, who did not want to disclose her name, decided to use the services of Lyft.

As a result, he managed to reach the International airport of Los Angeles for the third time and 15 minutes later than needed.

First they responded to the order, the driver canceled the trip, because I rode too far from the location of Guerrilla and did not wish for him to return. The second did worse: he picked up a passenger, but seeing that destination is the airport, refused to carry it.

The taxi driver dropped a customer in the Parking lot. When he demanded an explanation, and began filming the incident on video, the driver explained that just arrived from the airport and not going to go back there, because too little work for this order.

«I used the app to call a driver. Come pick me up. Why are you dumping me? I didn’t do anything wrong» she said Derrill.

To this he replied:

«I have the right to cancel the trip. Sorry, man, but I can’t earn $6 per hour.»

Derrill called another taxi, but arrived too late.

He argues that his complaint to the company Lyft responded with the standard «we will take your remark seriously,» and even promised to remove the driver from working.