12 reasons why new York is the best city in the world

Of course, he’s not perfect. For example, he was terribly dirty, sometimes still do, but sometimes just to horror. Its metro as if created for criticism. In this tough housing — rent is prohibitive. Love him homeless, however, as any other warm and rich city in the United States. And so on, further, further. BUT. With all this and much more is the best city on earth. For me, for sure. Do not tire of repeating — I love him as a beloved husband: yeah, not without flaws, but who’s perfect?

12 reasons why new York is the best city in the world The first thing that comes to mind is, of course, Central Park, statue of Liberty, famous skyscrapers, and in General everything that is connected with the appearance of this city. It is a city picture. No, not everywhere, of course, but so nice at the weekend to walk there, where Directors from around the world filmed his most famous movies, where the stars and where they were hunted by the paparazzi, where lived the famous movie stars.

12 reasons why new York is the best city in the world New York is a city where not ashamed, and may even need to be the way you are. Your sexual orientation and your appearance no one cares, but because it does not affect your career in particular and life in General. Yes, there is, of course, exceptions. For example, gay men of new York last year held a parade on Brighton beach — demanded to be in this part of town recognized their right to exist… But in General NY loves everyone. And I love him for it.

12 reasons why new York is the best city in the world Love new York for all and every one of us what we are, is especially felt in the metro. Yes, the metro, which is newyorker just the spirit can not tolerate because of the constant traffic jams, delays, dirt and stench. I am no exception to criticize the MTA for a long time. But exactly as long as not immersed in a motley crowd, where everyone’s individuality, where everyone looks as he sees fit, not on the principle of “what will people say”. Newyorker has reconciled me to the subway, even more — because of them I love him too.

12 reasons why new York is the best city in the world I love new York for the opportunity to try cuisine from all over the world, while not leaving the city, and all for the opportunity to eat. Oh, you can turn up the noses of gourmets, the pasta here is not so good as in “Spaccio Pasta”, two steps from Porta San Giovanni in Rome! Ah, what you’re saying — and oysters there is not the skin that nice! — others will say. What really makes waste — in NY 24 000 cafes, bistros, and other places where you can eat, of which nearly 8000 are restaurants. And therefore never understand the complainers on tasteless food — they visited all eight thousand of restaurants and none have been unable to find food fit for the gods?

12 reasons why new York is the best city in the world Another reason to love this incredible city is closely connected with the previous one — the ability to observe is there any diet. Oooooh, as they say, have you ever been on such diets, where I’ve been. Now in its ninth year I don’t eat gluten (gluten or anything made of white or rye flour), products from cow’s milk and sugar. And? And nothing! I’m not deprived of food at all. Rather, on the contrary, there’s a lot gluten free, dairy free and sugar free food. I can eat in the restaurant we have in town is full. And so more and more surprised at the complaints to the gourmet inability to eat — I with their quirks and you can get pizza, sushi (with gluten free soy sauce and rice gluten free), cakes, and delicious Italian pasta. No, can’t repeat — why are there those who can’t in NY elementary lunch?

12 reasons why new York is the best city in the world There is a wonderful expression — if you could make it in new York, you can at any other place. For me it is a kind of motto. And I advise you to take it on Board — it helps to raise self-esteem. If you are in new York from scratch was able to do something, don’t think that it is negligible. Think about what you did in new York! City where competition, where you literally and figuratively step on the toes. But in the city of great opportunities. Start to conquer the world with new York city opportunities, and then the conquest will be easy. This is where are the Central offices of many well-known company. That there is always demand and all. The case for small — to try to find himself.

12 reasons why new York is the best city in the world In NY you’re always in the thick of things. No wonder they say that this city never sleeps. This is true — have you ever been to Manhattan or the Brooklyn bridges, for example, three in the morning? The cars are moving at him with a slightly smaller interval than during the day. Hang out, walk, eat, enjoy concerts, movies, and stuff, stuff, stuff then you can 24 hours a day. .

12 reasons why new York is the best city in the world Sales, discounts, great prices and crazy deals is deserves a separate discussion. And it is impossible not to love.

12 reasons why new York is the best city in the world New York is the city of a thousand accents and languages, but because there always understand. Understand and help — responsiveness is a hallmark of newyorkers as a cute habit to apologize. Then sorry to say even the one who pushed you. Ah, what cute these townspeople!

12 reasons why new York is the best city in the world A surprising variety of communities — another reason to admire this city. The metro will take you and up to China town- the area can be called a mini — China. And to little Italy. There is an area where religious Jews live — Oh, how many there color! And there is such where Russian speakers live, which is flavor less… In General, NYC is the earth in miniature, where everything is comfortable. The Italians, for example, during the world Cup — put the TVs in the window and sit in front of them on the street with neighbours and why not?

12 reasons why new York is the best city in the world The attitude towards people with disabilities. Of course, throughout the U.S. about people with disabilities think and care. But in NY this is especially evident — there is no Museum or even attraction, which would not have been able to enjoy, for example, a person on a wheelchair.

12 reasons why new York is the best city in the world Cultural life. Do you love documentaries? Not a problem — in NY every year festivals such works, then they are removed, here for them are rewarded, and so on. You are a passionate fan of modern painting? Ballet? Opera? Theatre? Or maybe musicals? New York generous to cultural events and events — no one will be deprived. Add to this tours of world stars. Or, on the contrary, stars of individual countries — to the Chinese here come their, the Russians, their… In many communities have their own theaters, their own Newspapers, magazines and TV.

PS read carefully the first paragraph. It’s about shortcomings in this town Oh, abound.

PPS none of the new Yorker in writing this text was not injured.