Ticket to life: the main universities in the USA

Education in America is considered prestigious and valued worldwide. If you have decided to choose the higher educational institution for yourself beloved offspring, or the offspring of friends – this is a list of the best U.S. universities for you.

Every person who plans to succeed, striving to choose the right University, to be among people who will motivate, teach and inspire.

Academy of Art University

San Francisco, California

Let’s start with creativity and creativity. This University was founded by the famous artist and creative editor of Sunset magazine Richard Stevens in 1929.

Academy of Art — private University and to study there for undergraduate and post-graduate courses. And you can even just finish the courses and obtain a certificate of specialist in art and design, in this case, a 30 options.

The campus is quite impressive: 27 academic buildings, with an enrollment of 13,000 people from around the world. And all this is located in the heart of the city. The student can enjoy a full immersion in the cultural life of San Francisco – museums, galleries, different local attraction every second of the inspiration provided.

The quality of learning say distinguished alumni: Pulitzer prize winner Diane Fitzmaurice, chief designer at the headquarters of Facebook Denis cherry, lead designer of the Nike Ludeke, music Director of Kanye West and U2 Chris milk.

Ticket to life: the main universities in the USA
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How about the opportunities offered by the University? How about the fact that Academy of Art University – the first University invited to the fashion show New York Fashion Week to showcase the work of students. In addition, it organized more than 70 creative events and exhibitions of student works. Students are provided with everything needed and even more. For example, by order of the NASA Academy of Art University was developed the user interface for remote control of unmanned spacecraft. The lucky ones who came here for education, will be Studio with cyclorama, SLR cameras, professional light, ground with a green screen, TV Studio blocks, advanced computers for 3D design and that’s not all.

The cost for the year: 25 400 $ (+ accommodation from $3,000 per semester)

Harvard University

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Do not include in this list, Harvard is a crime. About this University is known in every corner of the world. One of the oldest educational institutions with reputable ivy League. These tend to fall in young minds around the globe still 1636. That is, to date, Harvard 382. To do manage only 5.3% of students. But luck follows as a gift to the winner of the lecturers-Nobel laureates and winners of Pulitzer prizes. Graduates, by the way, often follow in the footsteps of their teachers, of whom 47 were Nobel laureates, 32 heads of States, 48 winners of the Pulitzer prize, and 8 known US presidents.

Ticket to life: the main universities in the USA

The possession of the campus of Harvard 2 000 hectares, equipped with all possible technical bonuses. At hand always there will be a scientific laboratory of international standard, sports centres, museums, libraries, cafes and clubs.

But for real bookworms – huge library with 18 million copies of books in the Arsenal. Extrovert and socially active personalities will like that at Harvard there are more than 400 student organizations and a 42 sports club. There are plenty to choose from.

The cost for the year: 27 408 $ (+ accommodation from $9,894 per year)

Boston University

Boston, Massachusetts

Training here will be expensive, but not necessarily justified. Private research University founded in 1839. And began the history of Boston University with a small Bible Institute in Vermont. Nowadays there are already 32,000 people.

At Boston University has campuses in London, Paris and Sydney. And University graduates are distributed around the world, taking advantage of a great demand on the international labour market. Most often graduates of the Boston University six months is enough to find a decent job.

Ticket to life: the main universities in the USA

Are engaged not only in science. At Boston University a particularly strong hockey team, not just becoming the champion of the first division of the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

Among the teachers 7 Nobel laureates, 23 Pulitzer prize winner, 9 winners of «Oscar» and several of the winners of the Emmys and a Tony.

In the past 2017, Boston University entered the top-100 best universities in the world by The Times Higher Education. The inventor of the telephone Alexander Graham bell, a fighter for civil rights of minorities Martin Luther king, the 27th US President William Taft – graduates of Boston University .

The cost for the year: 50 980 $ (accommodation $9000 per year)

Roosevelt University

Chicago, Illinois

At Roosevelt University 2 campus. One of them is for those who appreciate serenity – is located in the suburbs, the second – in the midst of Chicago life. In the latter case, close to museums, theatres and restaurants, solid skyscrapers, parkland and the shores of lake Michigan. In the first – guaranteed to be a time to rest from the bustle of the student in a secluded area.

Ticket to life: the main universities in the USA

Students in Roosevelt University not to worry about internships. At the career service of University close ties with leading companies of the city, which she generously shares with his students. For example, some students are fortunate enough to have an internship at the Federal reserve Bank of Chicago, Hilton, JP Morgan, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Morgan Stanley.

The main campus its 32-story building, considered the second highest among U.S. universities. There are 4 libraries, science laboratories and gym, many student clubs (as well as radio, Newspapers, unions, environmentalists, etc.)

The cost for the year: 19 566 $ (+ accommodation from $8 800 per year)

New York Film Academy

New York, new York

Ticket to life: the main universities in the USA

About the University heard anyone who is even slightly interested in cinema. Students are taught filmmaking, acting and 3D animation, visual effects, essential journalism, musicals, photography, production and more. First of all, pay attention to practice. So in the first year get ready to shoot, write, direct and edit. And yet, to meet and attend master classes by Steven Spielberg, al Pacino, Bryan Cranston, Ron Howard, Ben Stiller. If these arguments are not enough, here’s a list of companies and organizations with whom happen to operate: Warner Brothers Studios, Disney’s Hollywood Studio,Universal Studios, Lincoln Center, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Guggenheim Museum, Whitney Museum, Cultural Ministry of the Vatican, VIACOM, Rolling Stone Magazine, NBC Sports.

Cost per year: 26 200 $ (+ accommodation from $1000 per month)

Long Island University

Brooklyn, Brookville, new York

Another private University in our list. Founded by Long Island University in 1954, today has two campus: one in Brooklyn in new York, and the second on long island (received the presidential award of honor President’s Community Service Honor Roll).

Long Island University presents a choice of more than 500 training programs. Most popular: business, marketing, education, biology.

Ticket to life: the main universities in the USA

And the tradition of the best universities among the teachers of Long Island University the winners of the award «Oscar», well-known journalists, writers, researchers. Training is offered at leading global companies: Pall Corporation, Nation Rock, Bet Networks, MTV, Chanel, Moody’s, Newsweek, Diesel, Morgan Stanley, Teach For America, Deutsche Bank, People, Fox News, SPRIT, Barron’s and it is certainly not the end of the list.

The campus has its own concert hall, theatre, cinema, Museum and art gallery. 82% of graduates finds the perfect job for themselves within six months upon graduation.

Cost per year: 35 039 $ (+ accommodation $3920 per semester)

Stanford University

Stanford, California

Stanford University is widely known in the sphere of high technologies. Thanks to him, formed a large community of IT companies in Silicon valley. It happened this way – Stanford University actively campaigned their graduates create their own businesses. Yielding to the pressure of belief and motivation, the students began to try. And surrounded Standard their successful firms.

Here disaccustomed US President Herbert Hoover, Sergey Brin – Google, William Hewlett and David Packard – Hewlett-Packard, Leonard Bosak – Cisco Systems, and the founders of Instagram, Snapchat, Yahoo! Netflix, NVidia, Electronic Arts and sport brand Nike.

Ticket to life: the main universities in the USA

The Stanford University campus is environmentally friendly and incredibly green. Ponds, parks and fountains extending to 3,300 hectares. To navigate such extensive possessions, the campus offers 24 bus route. And round-the-clock library (neither more nor less – 20 pieces), scientific centers, laboratories and 18 research institutes.

The cost for the year: 31 554 $ (+ accommodation from $9700)