Top 25 current public art new York

New York — just the king of public art. So many different installations and art projects under the open sky in no other capital of the world. Since 1967 in the Big Apple there is something here appear unique exhibits of contemporary artists. Some remain in town for a long time, others need to have time to see until replaced by a new one.

Every time you notice a crowd of interrasical taken a liking to the new art object, be those who set the hashtags, and you need to know where, what and who came up with another masterpiece.


The last three

Astor Place (between Lafayette Street and Copper Square, at East Eighth Street)

until the end of may

A 16-foot sculpture of the three rhinos will delight new Yorkers at Astor place until may. Funny Trinity in full size.


The sculpture wind

Lenox Hill, New York, NY 10019

until October

A 32-foot sculpture Yinka Shonibare around Central Park as if woven of bright fabric fluttering in the wind.


Huge pumpkin

Sky (605 W. 42nd St.)

Huge pumpkin Yayoi Kusama «grew up» opposite the SKY in 2014. She’s already pretty familiar, but this does not become less attractive as an art project.


To fly high and to be equal

Joyce Kilmer Park (955 Walton Ave.)

until June 19

Read «The Seagull Jonathan Livingston» By Richard Bach? The authors of public art so imbued with the story of the bird that learned to live and fly that created this installation in the Park of the Bronx. Patricia Cazorla and Nancy Salem focus on the best qualities that are inherent to all new Yorkers. Until June 19.


Missing monuments

150-29 Jamaica Ave, Jamaica, NY 11435

will open in June

Rosa de siano will be presenting his gallery of the invisible obelisks at the beginning of June. Mirror the monuments reflect the viewer and allow him to become part of the history of this city and this country.


Sunrise, sunset (revolution)

Pier A Plaza, A (22 Battery Place)

until the end of summer

Autumn Ewald and Dharmesh Patel — the authors of the interactive installation «Sunrise, Sunset (Revolution)». The sculptural composition consists of aluminium plates, 9-encrusted with thousands of crystals that create a whimsical play of light.


Mom-and-pops of the L. E. S

Essex St, New York, NY 10002

will appear in June

Karla and James Murray carefully collected all that remained of the comfortable benches, newsstands, snack bars, coffee shops, groceries and other small businesses disappearing from the streets of the city. Will appear in June.


50 years of New York Magazine

In honor of the anniversary NYMAG we will stumble at different points in new York to cover the 50-year jubilee.


Tower of pink crystals

Union Square, New York, NY 10003

until October 5

Tower of pink crystals, a famous master of Chihuly, who creates amazing glass sculptures that will delight new York until October 5.


I’m so glad You are here

Virginia Park (White Plains Road, between Cross Bronx Expressway and Westchester Avenue)

will open in June

Kara Lynch turns the mural in lace embroidery, intricate rug, mosaic tile and colored flooring. In Victoria Park is about to be a new «floor covering» by the talented artist. The opening in June.



North 5th Street Pier and Park

until July 2018

Already well-known yellow sculpture by Deborah Kass, Brooklyn to read from any side and in any direction. A slang word «yo», the emotional «oy» in Yiddish and Spanish I — all together in one bottle.


Incredible matter

Madison Square Park (Madison Avenue, between East 23rd and 26th St.)

May 14 — September 3

«Delirious Matter» — a sculpture of 6 elementov Syrian artist who lives in Brooklyn. Project Diana al-Hadid includes two fragments of the wall, the complementary rows of hedges, three female figures under the name of «Synonym» on lawns and the women’s bust, which is installed in the pool Madison Square Park.

Diana al-Hadid considers his art both a mural and tapestry. Her works combine intricate architecture, landscape design, cosmology, sculpture and abstraction. The creation of this project the artist was inspired by the Dutch master Hans Memling and Novella novelist Wilhelm Jensen. The Central figure in a reflecting pool, a reference to the Dutch Renaissance in a huge puffy skirts that resemble mountain peaks. Sculpture at the same time fragile, airy and incredibly durable is an important element of the project concept.


Adorn Me

Fort Greene Park (DeKalb and Myrtle Ave, between Washington Park and St. Edward’s Street)

will open in June

Work Tanda Francis will appear in the Park in Fort Greene in June of this year. The artist has concentrated on the «powerful strength, beauty and cultural significance» of African art. The sculpture will combine elements of the colonial era, traditional African and Victorian.

Francis wants to draw attention to the too modest place of African art in the public art. The object of the installation will simola ancient customs, African masks and heads of women.


I raise my lamp beside the Golden door

The Highline (22nd Street)

until March 2019

Dorothy Yangon, inspired by the poem by Emma Lazarus «the New Colossus», once again reminded new Yorkers that the Statue of Liberty is a symbol of openness to all who seek refuge and yearns for freedom.



Rockefeller Center (Channel Gardens at Fifth Avenue)

until 22 July

Get ready for a real flight of creative thought: in front of Rockefeller center has a new winged public art. «Street» the debut of the German neo-expressionist Anselm Kiefer in the United States got majestic name «uraeus» (the Uraeus).

The pair lead covered with giant wings that rise above open book on a 20-foot pillar in the Channel Gardens, Kiefer was inspired by the arguments of Nietzsche’s Superman and the ancient Egyptian symbolism.

The wings are designed to resemble the jewelry that was worn at the court of admirers of Nekhbet — patroness of the power of the Pharaoh of Upper Egypt, pretstavuva in the image of a Griffon vulture. The name of the installation, the sculptor was also chosen for a reason — a reference to the protector of Lower Egypt, the goddess Uadjit portrayed on urea in the form of a red Cobra.

A mysterious public art Kiefer will remain at Rockefeller center until July 22. If you are looking for a suitable place to indulge in philosophical reflection, you here.


Katy Ruttenberg on Broadway

Broadway: Dante Park, 64th St; 72nd St; 79th St; 96th St; 117th St from Columbia Gates; 157th St.

27 April

Six sculptures, six «dream», Ruttenberg appeared on Broadway. This is perhaps our favorite of the season — a surreal tale in the best traditions of the genre. Beautiful girl hiding in the cochlea, almost Egyptian aeneolamia knights and caught in the mermaid aquarium (sleep after watching the Oscar-winning fish-man). Charming «Ms. Mighty Mouse» is a story about how Picasso the blind Venus of new York.

The work of Rottenberg exhibited in museums and galleries since 1980, but on Broadway, her installations have appeared for the first time. The artist carefully chose the location of each sculpture, considering every detail that needs to associate the artistic images and the city. Ruttenberg, lives and works in new York: draft, appeared on the streets of the city, is a dream about how nature can turn a concrete jungle into a magical mythical world.


The bus-hot dog

334 Furman St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

opens June 9

Vintage bus Volkswagen Erwin Wurm turned in a bright yellow hot dog on wheels. And it’s not a dusty Museum piece food-Trak this summer, will serve free hot hot dogs for visitors to Brooklyn Bridge Park. As a thank you the artist waiting for what, as you tuck into a sausage, think about the capitalism and consumer society. Here’s a fee for a free lunch.


Sing for Hope Pianos

2-24 June

In early summer, the charitable organization Sing for Hope will make a brilliant gift to the residents of the Big Apple: on the streets in the most unexpected places will be 50 art piano. The company’s motto — «Your work can change a life» — similar to the idea of the campaign, which aims to popularize among new Yorkers and music.

Painting each instrument is unique, from impressionism to the Broadway motifs. Will demonstrate their skills by young artists, and the star of the show «Kinky Boots», «Dear Evan Hansen» and «Wicked.»

«The debut of the» 50 piano will be held June 4 at 28 Liberty Plaza. After that, they will spread out in 5 districts of the city, where for 3 weeks they will be able to play anyone.



Cloisters Lawn, Fort Tryon Park, Manhattan

(through Sept. 13)

Blockbusters and fantasy love to animate statues and armour, artists are no exception. In The Cloisters is a new installation by Icelandic sculptor Steinunn Thorarinsdottir. Three androgynous figures created using a 3 D scanner based on the armor from the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s.


«Eclipse» and «Tomorrow never comes»

Governors Island, New York, NY 11231

opens June 2

Jacob Hashimoto — the author of the first such large-scale installations on Governor’s island. Hundreds of kites from rice paper will appear in the chapel St. Cornelius, a «wooden cubes and steel funnels» in the tunnel at Liggett Terrace. The exhibition opens on 2 June.


Our memories

Lafayette St & Worth St, New York, NY 10007

In seven interactive installations Judith Modrak under the title «Our memories» clearly demonstrates the power of personal experience – and you will be able to personally verify this. Focus on the brightest and strongest of my memories and share them by placing a sculpture of one of the stones of memory whose color will symbolize happiness, anger, love, sadness, fear, or surprise. The sculptures will stay in Thomas Paine Park 10 months.


We come in peace

1000 5th Ave, New York, NY 10028

until October 28

Pakistani-American sculptor huma Bhabha has created a specific installation on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The art object is called «We come in peace», sculpture is a homage to sci-Fi tape, 1951, The Day The Earth Stood Still. Two huge, slightly sinister figures look like they just landed on the roof (this effect was achieved by the author). Vintage alien creatures on the roof of the Met-and until October 28.


Playing hide and seek

22-25 Jackson Ave, Queens, NY 11101

June-September 2018

Jennifer Newsome and Tom Caresser, creators of the prize-winner of Young Architects Program from MoMA – «hide and seek», was inspired by the energy «of the crowd, the streets and relationships, built in a modern city.» Extraordinary a lot of detail, bold form, and inevitably attracts the eye of a huge podium take us to a delightfully noisy world of the future.


Sound gate

Bay St, Staten Island, NY

will open in June 2018

A dozen art installations, located from St George to Stapleton, creates a completely unique way, «sound» sculptures – which is a giant wind harp that plays by itself. The installation will appear on the streets of new York in June.


«The awakening» and «adrift»

1605 BroadwayNew York, NY 10019

11 Jul 2018-Sep 2018 5

New projects Mel Chin called «the Awakening» and «floaters» that will debut on times square on July 11 and will stay there until September 5, devoted to the triumphs of the Big Apple and its history. Both installations – part of the project “Mel Chin: All Over the Place,” which can be seen at the Queens Museum and at the station Broadwaу-Lafaуette.

cover photo Wally Gobetz