Top 12 best national parks in the USA

Summer is coming soon. Vacation time, warm evenings, walks in the fresh air. Have you decided where to go on vacation — at least for a few days? In America there are places where you want to return again and again, once there once.

We’re talking about national parks, about these treasures of nature and history that you will finally be able to see with your own eyes! The only difficulty is to choose what Park to go to. Leave is only one, and nature reserves — great variety. have selected for you 12 most interesting national parks that are waiting for you this summer to visit!

Top 12 best national parks in the USA


Grand Teton


Rises majestic Teton range above the valley of Jackson hole in Wyoming. Grand Teton is the top line in such rankings as the «Best Park USA» and «Best national Park in the world.» Professional photographers and fans flock here from around the world to capture rising on 4 thousand metres mountains and their reflection peaks in the mirrored surface of the lakes , Jenny and Jackson.

In the hottest time in the summer, the Park attracts thousands of tourists with the sole purpose to feel part of this Grand creation of nature. I think you can only clicking the camera but to go on mountains? Here and there! Spend a few days in the campground and each new day will be similar to the previous one. Walking through the Park, visitors and then make discoveries: that full-flowing waterfall you will find, strewn with wildflowers meadow, which is designed for picnic with the elves and Naiads.

Top 12 best national parks in the USA

The river the snake river is ideal for kayaking and rafts (inflatable boats) and boating on the river. Admirers of history, I suggest to visit such places as Menors ferry and Mormon row. Here you will learn a lot from the history of the nineteenth century.What about nature lovers? More than 800 km2 of the Park are inhabited by grizzly bears, antelope, bison. Meeting with them — not so rare!Just a few kilometers from Ticona is Yellowstone national Park. A nice bonus for passionate travelers will be the opportunity to visit 2 most famous reserve, saving $10.

Top 12 best national parks in the USA


Great Smoky Mountains

Tennessee, North Carolina

This Park can rightfully be considered the record. It’s hard to imagine, but every year on his trails is more than 11 million visitors from around the world! For comparison, the Grand Canyon is visited by half of tourists. Great Smokey mountains — the largest protected area in the United States. Its total area is more than 200 thousand hectares. You can get here from two States: from Gatlinburg (tn) and Cherokee (NC). The Blue ridge mountains cross the Park, making his image even more impressive. There are nearly 1.7 million different species of plants — such diversity can not boast of any other natural area in the USA!

Coming here, be sure to climb the observation tower Klingman-House — the highest point of the reserve. He will appear before you in all its glory. Just for the sake of spectacle is to spend a few hours in the car!

The secret of the success of the Park is that it is good at any time of the year. In the winter, for example, when exposing the skeleton of the Park, you can see a steep cliff, their foot and traces of previous civilizations. When the nature wakes up the mountains covered with a colorful carpet of fanciful drawings and forms. Early autumn here romantic atmosphere. Already there is no sweltering heat, and still come piercing winds — this time it attracts lovers of long walks.

Top 12 best national parks in the USA


Grand Canyon


The Grand canyon is one of the most famous and most visited attractions in the country. His unique types are often used in music videos and film. What caused such interest in the reserve?Truly a Grand mountain range with a length of 446 km long and 29 km wide was formed in Arizona 5-6 million years ago. And what combination of the most unimaginable colors and shapes — nowhere in the world there is nothing like it! The Grand Canyon you should visit at least once in your life!

Walking here is pure pleasure: with each step, eyes open, unique landscapes. And you can do something more extreme. How do you like the idea of doing a helicopter flight over the reserve? Or drive in an open jeep? Whatever entertainment you choose, the Grand Canyon will forever remain in your memory and on your page in Instagram!

Top 12 best national parks in the USA


Hawai’i Volcanoes


Want to experience truly memorable moments? Then urgently make their plans a visit to Hawaii volcanoes national Park. Where else will you be able to feel the power of the planet, not on the 200 hectares, next to the two (!!!) active volcanoes? Light haze, barely visible ripples waving over fields of lava, gives the area an aura of mystery.

Hawai’i Volcanoes biosphere reserve is of global scale, a recognized UNESCO world heritage site. Here you can endlessly walk on the trails of the «lunar» valleys, explore the tropical forest to spy on the life of the volcanoes! Should not be afraid. In case of the slightest threat, the management is taking all necessary measures.

Advised to stay for a couple of nights camping: local landscapes under the stars — fantastic!

Top 12 best national parks in the USA



Wyoming, Montana, Idaho

Another place of tourist pilgrimage — the Yellowstone reserve stretched from 3 States. Here you can live your whole life, every day marveling at the imagination of nature. It’s no joke — more than 800 thousand hectares! Already one geyser old Faithful, every hour throwing up in the air hot jet, it is necessary to collect a backpack, to score in the Navigator route and hit the road! In Yellowstone is also the largest hot spring in the United States — Grand-Prismatic. But as is the nature… to Meet in the Park of a Buffalo or a bear is the most common thing!

In Yellowstone reserve and stunning sunsets. Going for a walk or to the mountains, will highlight the evening at least 15 minutes to quietly enjoy this rare in its natural beauty. Cycling, boating, visits to old Faithful or the stunning waterfall is the lower Falls in Yellowstone, attract millions of tourists seeking to relax and recharge.

Top 12 best national parks in the USA




California Sequoia — one of the oldest national parks of America with the most high and ancient trees not only in the country but in the world. The height of some giants reaches 83 m! Next to them I feel like a midget from the tale of Gulliver. Studying all this beauty, you will become a true Pathfinder — access to 82% of the Park is possible only on horseback or on foot. No you bikes and jeeps!

For the immense size of a Sequoia called «the skyscraper of nature.» Every year, more than 1 million visitors come to the Park to see 5 of the 10 tallest trees in the world, stroll along the snowy slopes of the mountains and marvel at the diversity of forest fauna.

Top 12 best national parks in the USA


Rocky Mountain


National Park rocky mountain, or the Rocky mountains, is one of the most visited biosphere reserves under the UNESCO protection. Why are people so eager to spend their vacation here?

Because for the residents of stone jungle is a real Paradise: almost 600 km of scenic trails, which tourists love to ride a horse or by jeep overlooking endless pristine valleys, pristine forests, quaint mountain reliefs.

How about climbing outings? Climbers love this place. Not only professionals, conquering the most difficult peaks, but simply lovers of simple climbs. So, a walk near the lake, you can plan even families with kids.

Here is the highest paved road in the USA Trail Ridge Road.

Top 12 best national parks in the USA




Giant sequoias in Yosemite national Park seem even higher on the background of bright blue lakes, which reflected the gray-white rocks. In the most beautiful state in the country it is difficult to give the palm to any particular place. And Yosemite is out of competition! It is impossible to compete with the lushness of nature, with an incredible combination of rocks, lakes, forests, fields and valleys, which were created here by the inventor nature.

Greets visitors El Capitan is the largest granite formation in the world. A great opportunity to test your imagination and see the face of the rock!

In the Park — more than 20 waterfalls, including the famous Yosemite 740 m high and snow Creek (650 m). And here — the real glaciers!

Yosemite for over 125 years. recognized as a national treasure. Explore hundreds of miles of trails on foot or on horseback, wander among giant sequoias. And don’t forget to capture the day in one of the most photographed places — the Half-Dome. This rock is the symbol of the Park.

Top 12 best national parks in the USA


Mount Rainier


In mount Rainier, which was recognized in 1899, the 5th national Park in the USA, attracts nature lovers from all over America. The highest point of the Park is the peak of mount Rainier rises by more than 4.4 thousand meters above sea level. Here originate the 6 major rivers of the Park and is the largest concentration of glaciers on the territory of the United States.

What awaits the traveller in this Park? On the slopes of mount Rainier was formed Alpine and subalpine meadows, coniferous forests. A tight ring surrounded the mountain glaciers. In the North-West coast of the Pacific ocean this combination of ecosystems is not found here and is committed here, the constant flow of people willing to see this miracle.

Top 12 best national parks in the USA


Hot Springs


Always does size matter? To reserve Hot springs — the slightest! The smallest national Park in the United States is annually visited by 1.5 million tourists are grateful. What attracts them, what encourages to overcome many kilometers of the road? The answer is simple: located within the Park water facilities Bathhouse Row: bathhouse, residential buildings and gardens. This place is made for recreation and recovery in hot springs.

However, not only swim all day. Climb the mountain tower, the view of the mountain range of the Ouachitaopening from the highest point, turn the head of any aesthete.

Top 12 best national parks in the USA




Once usedaboutmost of these places were covered with impassable bogs, which are among the roots of mangrove trees swarmed alligators. People avoided this side of the swamp. Here now, just a 45 minute drive from Miami, is protected by the state Park of the Everglades, recognized as a world heritage site by UNESCO.

Today the reserve is still inhabited by rare animals, particularly manatees and the gators. Big luck to meet a black Panther. However, you need to exercise caution and patience.

The Park is huge amount of entertainment for every taste: Hiking, kayaking, Biking, fishing… And how do you feel about the treasure hunt? Be sure to visit one of the most popular national parks on the East coast of the United States — suddenly you will find the treasure?

Top 12 best national parks in the USA


Bryce Canyon


Strictly speaking, Bryce is not a canyon, a huge natural amphitheater. However, the name stuck, and now this unique nature reserve known as Bryce Canyon.

The Park annually hosts a multi-day festival of astronomy — so unusual in these parts of the star cover. Millions of years water and wind have destroyed the local mountains, «vitaceae» the most bizarre terrain that one can imagine. The colors of the canyon are pink, red, orange. How nature manages to be so unpredictable?

A trip to the Canyon-Bryce must be included in the programme of summer trips every self-respecting traveler. The Park is home to over 100 species of birds and animals, and the flora is represented by more than a thousand items.