In Southwest Airlines sale — the tickets are $49 and $99

Travel fans, rejoice! Airline Southwest Airlines has launched a short sale of tickets on flights to the United States.

Prices on most short flights (one way) start from $49, but there’s a catch: you will have to do till 23:59 of tomorrow, 7 June.

The sale covers flights from August 21 to December 13 (does not include national holidays (such as labor Day or Thanksgiving). In addition, the tickets are non-refundable, and the choice of locations is limited. However, it is a really cheap offer.

So, from the airport Newark (new Jersey) you can buy tickets to Austin, Indianapolis and Chicago for $79. From LaGuardia airport offers tickets to Atlanta, Nashville, St. Louis and Tampa, which cost starts from $99. In Milwaukee you can fly for $79, and to Denver for $129.

If you are flying from long island airport (MacArthur), there are offers for $99 to West palm beach and $49 to Baltimore. Again, this is the cost one way.

Among other proposals at a price below $100:

  • Austin — Atlanta;
  • Baltimore — Boston;
  • Richmond Atlanta;
  • Boise Sacramento;
  • Chicago — Detroit;
  • Chicago — Omaha;
  • Cleveland — Atlanta;
  • Cleveland — Milwaukee;
  • Kansas City — Chicago;
  • Denver To Long Beach;
  • Los Angeles — Las Vegas;
  • Memphis — Chicago;
  • Memphis — Houston;
  • New Orleans — Houston;
  • Phoenix — Las Vegas;
  • Portland — San Jose;
  • Salt Lake City — San Diego;
  • San Francisco — Los Angeles;
  • Seattle — San Diego;
  • Seattle — Denver.