Via Niagara falls zipline stretched

Early to admire the beauty of Niagara falls can be had either from USA or from Canada. Rare lucky ones managed to do it with a helicopter. But now flying right above the biggest waterfall the world has become quite affordable, thanks zipline.

Wild Play Element Parks has extended four lines of trolley through Niagara at the height of 220 feet. Fans of extreme sports and beautiful scenery to fly over the falls at a speed of 40 miles per hour. The total route length is 2,200 feet and begins with the Niagara Parks Grand View Marketplace, the final point — the building of the power company Ontario.

Despite the scale and length of zipline, the trip will take only 30 seconds and will cost $45. You can use the service until October! The descent will not be able to take passengers under the age of 7 and people who weigh more than 124 kg. for Children under 13 years will require written permission from parents.

Workers zipline suggest for security reasons to wear comfortable clothes, gather long hair in a bun and do not wear open shoes, especially loose on the leg. Amateurs shoot videos or pictures will have to carefully check the fastening of their machines before descending.

Wild Play Element Parks offers its visitors other interesting points of activity: the climbing wall above the waterfall, all kinds of jumps into the abyss and games on top. Prices for extreme fun on the Niagara range from $8 to $50 per session.