After 20 years, the Titanic will «eat» bacteria

According to some experts, the remains of the Titanic will completely disappear in less than 20 years.

More than 100 years ago, the Titanic made its first and last journey. No one could have imagined that this ship is a giant goes down. Now it is a pile of iron at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean.

However, some scientists believe that in a few decades there will be no trace of the great Titanic, as it literally «eat» bacteria.

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The story finds

History of the discovery of remains of the famous liner, about which we wrote earlier, is truly unusual. Oceanographer from the University of Rhode island Robert Ballard during a special operation , the U.S. Navy accidentally discovered the Titanic between the two sunken submarines.

In 1985 when the ship was found, it was in excellent condition. When the depth of almost 4 kilometers, the lack of sunlight and the strong pressure affected his excellent preservation.

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What threatens Titanic

However, the corrosion hadn’t missed it. The hull of the Titanic rusts due to the bacteria that eat metal. Predictions the researchers are not encouraging, many believe that less than 20 years, as the Titanic will disappear from the face of the Earth.

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To see the Titanic before it’s too late

In order not to miss the opportunity to enjoy the real Titanic, next year we plan special tours to it! This year, the Blue Marble company Private in conjunction with OceanGate Expeditions conducted the test dive to the ship, but during it in a special box was struck by lightning and more than 70% of electronics out of order.

Test while it was pending, but the company intends to launch first tour in 2019. Despite a price of $ 105,129, the first round is already sold out.

Another option to look at the Titanic offers the company The Bluefish. The expedition will sail from Newfoundland and will take a total of 13 days. The dive itself will last 6 days in special underwater vehicles. The cost of this pleasure — 59 680 USD.