Gates in the United States: Everything you need to know about JFK airport in new York

One of the largest and most famous airports in the United States and the world, remains an international airport named after John F. Kennedy (JFK). We have collected the most interesting and useful facts about it to make your journey comfortable and protect you from unnecessary surprises along the way!

We often underestimate and pay too little attention to this important point of any journey, as a visit to the airport. And by the way, absolutely in vain. Of course, when the dream is just nothing in the hands of the coveted tickets, the passport flaunts a long-awaited visa, and the bags are Packed the best outfits, don’t want to think about the little things? We just get out of the airport and immediately forget about it!

But sometimes, life makes its own adjustments to this economic plan: the airport, the procedure of passage of passengers, the rules of check-in and restrictions on the transportation of personal things — not knowing all these details can add a lot of inconvenience in your yet to start tour!

Gates in the United States: Everything you need to know about JFK airport in new YorkNEW YORK — MARCH 22, 2016: inside of JFK airport. John F. Kennedy International Airport is a major international airport located in Queens, New York City, United States.Basic facts about JFK

What do we know about the main air gates in new York? There are some basic characteristics on the basis of which you can get an idea about JFK:

  • JFK is one of the busiest international airports in the world — it is served by a fleet of more than 70 different airlines.
  • The airport is located (attention!) in Jamaica! Not only on the Caribbean island known for rum and reggae rhythms, and in the borough of Queens, about 12 miles Southeast of Lower Manhattan.
  • In such well-known JFK based American airlines, Delta, American and Jet Blue, so that a large number of flights fly in from new York.
  • Only the airport has 8 terminals special message line called AirTain. Travel time on AirTrain from the first to the last terminal is 8 minutes.
  • Of course, the journey on the AirTrain between terminals and car parks, is completely free.
  • Part of the JFK airport used to be the exclusive Air forces of the United States. There is even a private airstrip. The airport has the staff ready to greet arrivals.
  • At JFK airport there is a separate terminal for animals called «the ARK at JFK»! He is the only one of its kind in North America with a full 24-hour private quarantine service departing and arriving horses, Pets (cats and dogs), birds, and exotic animals. Located in Cargo Building 78A.

Gates in the United States: Everything you need to know about JFK airport in new York
How to get

The airport is removed from all main areas of the city, except for parts of Queens. But fortunately for all travelers, new York has one of the most modern public transport systems in the country, which is very easy way.

AirTrain takes everyone straight to the terminals, but to get to the Shuttle is quite difficult.

Jamaica Station/ JFK Airport

At the station, Jamaica Station AirTrain connects with the subway (lines E, J and Z), buses and LIRR (Atlantic Terminal, Penn Station, Nostrand Avenue). Travel time from 50 to 75 minutes. Fare is $7.75 (considering $5 for the AirTrain).

Howard Beach/JFK Airport

At Howard Beach you can sit on the line A. Runs every 5-10 minutes in the business time and every 15-20 minutes in the evenings and on the weekends. Journey time is one hour. Fare — $7.75 (considering $5 for the AirTrain).

The fare for the AirTrain is only $5, pay with MetroCard. For a new card you will be charged $1 when you purchase in vending machines located near the entrance/exit to the Jamaica station and Howard beach.

Attention! It is very important to make sure before the trip that the map you have money, otherwise you risk to get in the line of tourists trying to buy or refill a card on the spot. Also, please keep in mind that the AirTrain is strictly prohibited to eat, drink and smoke.

The most comfortable, but expensive, way to get to the airport will be taxi service or Uber. Do not forget about traffic jams. Travel should be not less than 4-5 hours before you check in (if you have not registered online). The fare for a taxi starts at $52 for the car.

If you decide to get your own car, useful information about Parking at the airport. It is best to use the official website, which lists online availability of Parking and price ($4 per 30 minutes of Parking).

If you take or take from JFK airport to their friends or family members, you should pay attention to the free Parking options (Cell Phone Lot or service, Kiss & Fly).

Located in each of the main entrances to the airport Parking Cell Phone Lot located near Expressway Van Wyck and JFK. From both points to the terminals not more than five minutes. Cell Phone Lot at the Van Wyck designed for 373 cars and JFK — 127. Both lots allow drivers to comfortably wait for their guests while they land, go through passport control and get your Luggage.


Attention! Drivers should always stay with your vehicle. Parking or waiting on the roads to the airport are prohibited at any time.

If you are going to wait, it is better to use the Kiss & Fly. The Park is located at the station of the AirTrain JFK Lefferts Boulevard. You can drop off their passengers so that they will immediately change to the AirTrain, which in a few minutes will take them to any of the terminals.

Where to eat

Sometimes time to stay at the airport, spent more than the flight. Most «experienced» tourists have already adapted to these forced breaks and carry sandwiches, snacks, and other snacks. But if you want to eat a human? Do we have to wait until the arrival to your destination? But, no! At the JFK airport it is possible to find a decent restaurant where you will surely choose a dish to taste.

In terminal 4 there are branches of two of the most popular restaurants, Danny Meyer’s cafe Shake Shack and Blue Smoke on the Road. If Shake Shack serves great sandwiches and quality coffee, the Blue Smoke on the Road you are waiting for the meat dishes, barbecued ribs, sausages and spirits.

4 the terminal there is a restaurant Uptown Brasserie, chef — Marcus Samuelsson. Here serves chicken and waffles for Breakfast, pancakes and bagels with salmon.

Fans of Spanish cuisine should visit the restaurant Piquillo located in the fifth terminal. There is everything from basic tapas to paellas.

It is useful to know

In any airport in the world has its own nuances, which help quickly and without unnecessary hassle to go through the front door in the terminal to the departure gate. No exception and JFK.

A few useful tips for travelers:

  • In terminal 4, two security check-point. The second is located on the lower level and is most often used to check passengers who arrived in new York on international flights. However, it can be used when departing. The only thing you should pay attention — schedule item, as there are breaks.
  • If you don’t want to waste time in the queue for a taxi when leaving the airport, go to the next point of landing. Usually it is much less busy than located at the exit of the arrivals area. To get there, turn right along the arrivals area and turn the corner, as if he wanted to take the bus.
  • If you forget to bring Souvenirs, don’t pass by the store of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the fourth terminal.
  • Use applications from airlines. For example, if you fly with Delta, it will be easier to keep track of your Luggage. Passengers with checked baggage will receive a warning as soon as their belongings are scanned and fall on the carousel, so you don’t have to stand in anticipation.