5 places in new York where you can relax almost free

Summer in new York is in full swing. And how do we want to enjoy the long awaited warmth and sun! New Yorkers largely luck: the city has a huge number of beautiful parks and gardens where you can spend the weekend. But in addition to these oases in the urban desert at the disposal of residents of the Big Apple many other variants of summer holiday in the fresh air. And best of all — virtually free! Yes! If your finances sing romances, this does not mean that the beauty of summer will pass you by.

We picked up 5 best budget holiday destinations in new York, reachable by both car and public transport. The choice is yours.

1. Rockaway Beach
5 places in new York where you can relax almost freeHow to get

If you are not the only friend in the company who has a car, doesn’t matter. To get to Rockaway beach and public transport. Easier and cheaper to take the subway. Take the train line A, get off at Beach 67th Street and Beach 90th Street. The fare one-way costs $2.50. Journey time — 50 minutes.

You can also take a ferry display includes NYC’s ferry system. The fare one way — $2,75. To get to Rockaway beach from the 11th berth on wall street is 57 minutes.

But the most fun way to the beach — on the OvR Rockaway Beach Bus that goes from Brooklyn. A one-way ticket costs $19,95, round trip — $29,95. Buses with all amenities including sanitary facilities. The Board serves refreshing drinks.

What to do

Every year from memorial Day to labor Day Rockaway beach flooded the crowd of residents of Rockaway, Queens and all the surrounding cities. On the free beaches you can simply enjoy sunbathing and swimming. And you can surf. The only beach where surfing is officially allowed, is between 67 to 69 and 87 to 92 second street. It runs continuously in a huge number of free events outdoors. Bring a Mat and towel to join in practicing Hatha-yoga or take a class Zumba. In the evening at Rockaway beach show a movie under the stars!

5 places in new York where you can relax almost free2. Long Beach
How to get

To get to long beach is easiest by train Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) from Penn Station. Ticket price after 10 am — $9,75 per person one way. Journey time is 52 minutes.

What to do

Long beach is known for its special atmosphere: great music, performances and 5 miles of white beach! Be sure to visit the folk art festival Arts in the Plaza, which takes place on Kennedy square on Sundays from memorial Day to Halloween. Here you can buy original things handmade, but simply to enjoy a rich range of experiences and live music. The festival is always very crowded, so come here early!

After the art-a jumble recommend you to spend a few hours on the beautiful beach of long beach. Along the coast there are dozens of cafes and restaurants with the best cuisine, so BBQ on the coast is served overlooking the ocean!

3. Hudson Valley
5 places in new York where you can relax almost freeHow to get

Up to the Hudson valley can best be reached by car. Travel time depends on the number of stops, because the road is found in many picturesque towns! If you go straight down into the valley, to the destination you get an hour and a half.

If your car is not — to do otherwise. From Central station there is a train in the direction of the Hudson. Approximately 2 hours it takes you to a cute, hospitable town of Poughkeepsie (Poughkeepsie). Pre-arrange a car rental, and you will be taken directly to the train station the representatives of the company’s car rental. A train ticket costs $9,85. Price of rental varies depending on the brand of machine and company policies.

What to do

Hudson valley offers more than comfortable felting on the beach. There are a lot of things to see. That’s at least the oldest military post in the United States. But the main gem of the valley still nature. The local trails roam for hours, and the photos taken against the backdrop of local landscapes, gaining a lot of «hearts» in Instagram.

Even if the trip to the valley for you, no more than an attempt to escape for a while from the concrete jungle, you don’t want to go home in the next few days. Better to plan a small tour to the valley for 2-3 days. Definitely worth to visit the Park Falls Views. On his 4 acres (16.2 thousand sq. m) located deep waterfalls, rivers, Hiking trails… don’t forget to bring your fishing rods and picnic set! There are all conditions for a quiet, relaxing fishing or relaxing in nature.

More on the possibilities and attractions of the Hudson valley here.

4. Catskills
5 places in new York where you can relax almost freeHow to get

200 km North of new York is the Catskill — popular in the 1980-ies a mountain retreat. The journey takes about 2 hours. (Unless of course you don’t want to stop for a bite along the way.)

Deciding to go by public transport, please note on the company Greyhound. Buses depart from the station at 625 8th Avenue, go up to Kingston, and from there to Catskill. The cost of one way ticket is $57 per person. All buses have free Wi — Fi access, increased leg room and personal outlets for charging gadgets. In total on the road you will spend around 3 hours.

What to do

A trip to the Catskill — real escape from the frantic pace of life in new York. In the city traces the rapid development of the region in the second half of 80-ies of XX century. Here will welcome the guests of budget hotels. The price of accommodation — from $15 to $30 per night. To eat go to the cafe with a varied menu at very attractive prices.

In Catskill a lot of fun for lovers of active holidays. Here is open year-round, the longest, fastest and tallest in North America the height of the zipline! Will not be bored neither adults nor children. The cost of tickets depends on the selected program. Minimum — $89 per person. To book tickets and see the program here.

Kids will love the Park, Tinker Town and down the river on rubber tubes. Price standard package $30 per person.

5. Lake George
5 places in new York where you can relax almost freeHow to get

To get to lake George is easiest on their own, by car. Along the way you will spend about 3.5 hours. If a personal vehicle on a regular basis you do not need, it can be rented for the weekend. It really is the most convenient and also the cheapest way.

Go to lake George and buses. However, have to do a transplant. Company Greyhound offers daily departures from the main station starting from 9.45 am. The bus goes to Albany, where you’d do (55 minutes between flights) and go to lake George. With all the stops the trip will take about 7 hours. The cost of the ticket for the whole route one way is $56 per person.

What to do

This is the place for real lovers will appreciate the mountain scenery. Here, in the North-East of the state of new York, the foot of the ranges with the enigmatic title the Adirondacks for centuries, washed by the calm waters of lakes George and Champlain. The place is designed in order to retire, to be face to face with pristine nature, enjoy unhurried time, admiring the monumental natural creation! Be sure to bring chairs for Hiking and sun loungers and don’t forget the picnic set is in lake George it will be unforgettable! And then, of course, reward your friends and followers on Instagram for amazing shots.

There is a place in town that you must visit. This is the best scene on the shore of a lake in the US — Shepard Park on Canada street in Lake George Village. Summer in Shepard Park on a daily basis are a variety of activities for families, concerts, and evening fireworks! In July and August, 7 PM start live music. Just imagine this combination! All the details you will find here.