The oldest building in new York city | Manhattan

So, we are now considered the oldest building in Brooklyn. Today let’s turn our attention to Manhattan with the «new» old buildings in the city. You wonder why it happened? Blame the fires in 1776, 1835 and 1845 years, which destroyed the pearls of the oldest districts such as Lower Manhattan. Another important reason for the peculiar «lag» — the continuous development of Manhattan. The area was a bustling urban center, and such places I’m afraid of old, dilapidated buildings like the plague.

In this case, not only in pace, which changed the shape of Manhattan, but also in a certain mentality of its inhabitants that distinguish them from the rest of the season. Now, as in the past, gambling and hungry for space, the residents of Manhattan love new shiny buildings that are proof that new York is like no city in the world.

But still many houses built in the XVIII century, has survived all vicissitudes, and today we can see with their own eyes.

The oldest building in new York city | Manhattansource: mansion of the Morris-Joomlacorner Morris — Jumela

Built in 1756
The oldest building of Manhattan appeared in more than 100 years later than the house Wycoff in Brooklyn. This mansion in style of Palladio, built by British loyalist Roger Morris, remains one of the most beautiful houses in the city. In September and October of 1776 George Washington used it as his headquarters before the Yankees left the city. Later the mansion was bought by Stephen Jumel. His widow, Eliza, became the wife of the former Vice-President Aaron Burr, and the marriage ceremony took place here in 1833. In addition to trips the house also hosts exhibitions.

The oldest building in new York city | Manhattansource: the Chapel of St. Placesone SV, atogo PA.

Built in 1766
The oldest Church in Manhattan — the chapel of St. Paul was part of the temple complex of the Holy Trinity. The area around the chapel was called the «Holy land» for two reasons, and only one of them is related to religion. The ground was Holy because it belonged to the Church; but it was there «night butterflies» Manhattan traded their services. The main entrance to the Church was located on the side of Broadway. The chapel is the best-preserved examples of Georgian architecture in the city. George Washington used to pray in this chapel — there still kept his bench.

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The oldest building in new York city | Manhattansource: Farm Docmanager Museum Diekmann

Built in about 1784.

This building serves as a great reminder that once in the North of Manhattan, people were engaged in agriculture. William Dickman, built this house to replace those destroyed during the revolution. The farm remained in family ownership until 1870-ies until it was sold. Abandoned for many years, the house was bought by Alice Dickman Dean and Fanny Frederica Dickman Welch. The new owners have made every effort to recreate the original appearance of the building, and opened it to the public. In winter, the farm closes to the public.

The oldest building in new York city | Manhattansource: Tavern française

It should be mentioned: Tavern française — the new incarnation of the famous coaching Inn, built in 1719 by Stephen Delancey. What little remained of the original structure was used in the construction of a modern building in 1907.