Top 8 the most beautiful natural pools in the state of new York

Summer in 2018, began in new York, as always, suddenly. After a rather cool may, no one expected that in June in the Big Apple come debilitating heat. The day temperature reached +33°C in the shade! Anyone with not working conditioning, I wanted to shake in the bath homemade ice reserves and to arrange Spa at home.

With the arrival of July, the temperature began to gradually decline. It is now a day quite comfortably, higher than +23…+25°C, and the nights are pleasing to a pleasant coolness. The new Yorkers generally love to spend time outdoors, and even in the summer especially. In public parks to find free benches, and lawns turned green beaches for lovers lie on the grass.

But the city is a city. No metropolis, even as modern as new York, with a developed infrastructure, dozens of parks, pools and beaches can not be compared with country areas.

What could be better on a hot summer day than a refreshing dip in the pristine waters estestvennogo pond? No artificial purifiers of the water, leaving footprints in the swimsuit (at best), no ceramic tile! A natural pool is a creation of the best architect in the world of nature. Here, you will surely gain strength and inspiration.

We have compiled a list of the 8 most picturesque natural swimming pools of new York, which is by far the articleaboutit to visit in the summer of 2018!

No. 1: Buttermilk Falls State Park
Top 8 the most beautiful natural pools in the state of new York

Address: 112 E Buttermilk Falls Rd., Ithaca, NY 14850.

Phone +1 607-273-5761.

Getting there: Ithaca bus company Our Bus Intercity Prime. Buses depart from Port Authority Bus Terminal, lower level, gate No. 25 (625 8th Ave., New York, NY 10018). Ticket price — from $32,50 one way. Journey time is about 5 hours.

Buttermilk Falls state Park was named after the foaming cascade of water from Buttermilk Creek, whose turbulent waters rushing through the valley down to lake Cayuga. In the upper part of the Park is a magnificent natural pool reminiscent of the lake. Here you can hike on trails, camping or a picnic on a dedicated site. In the lower part of the Park is another natural pool which I love swimming tourists on hot summer days.

No. 2: Robert H. Treman State Park — Ithaca
Top 8 the most beautiful natural pools in the state of new York

Address: 105 Enfield Falls Rd., Ithaca, NY 14850.

Phone +1 607-273-3440.

How to get there: this Park will have to go with transfers if there is no desire or possibilities to go by car. In Ithaca you can take the bus company Our Prime Intercity Bus departing from Port Authority Bus Terminal. And there to the Park take a taxi, which will cost $20-30. Travel time is 5.5–6 hours.

In a state Park Robert H. Treman time flies. This is a real natural oasis, wild beauty, which has not yet touched by civilization. The path of the Hiking trails passes by 12 spectacular waterfalls. The most impressive of them — Lucifer, falling from a height of 35 meters. Lovers of camping can pitch here the tent camp or rent one of the tourist lodges nearby.

Be sure to make a splash in one of the most beautiful natural pools in the state! You will enjoy the coolness of the purest water, watching the waterfall cascading into the lake.

Attention! Bathing is only allowed in the security zone, where if necessary you will be able to help.

No. 3: Peekamoose Blue Hole — Denning
Top 8 the most beautiful natural pools in the state of new York

Address: Peekamoose Rd., Grahamsville, NY 12740.

Phone +1 845-256-3076.

How to get there: the easiest way to Peekamoose Blue Hole is accessible by car. The trip will take about 2.5 hours. If you prefer to travel by public transport, then you will need to catch a train company Empire Service, Adirondack or Maple Leaf, leaving every 2 hours from the station to New York Penn Station. Ticket price — from $26 to $55 per person one way (1.5 hours). Then you will come to the Poughkeepsie Amtrak station and take a taxi. Will have to go another 80 miles, so the price for the taxi will be $220-250 for the car. Yes, expensive, but cheaper public transport will not work. There is another option — to take a detour through Wawarsing, two buses, but the final price will be not less than $150-170 per person, and will have to go longer and with less comfort.

This natural pool is located in the forest of Catskill. Ideal for small summer escape from the concrete jungle of the metropolis! In the summer here every day, thousands of residents of the East coast to enjoy not only stunning views of the forest and take a dip in one of the best places for summer vacation — Peekamoose Blue Hole. Over the deepest place of the pond a rope was tightened, so that the Amateurs of extreme diving here will do.

No. 4: Split Rock Falls Elizabethtown
Top 8 the most beautiful natural pools in the state of new YorkChristopher Murray/©

Address: 6335 U. S. 9, New Russia, NY 12964.

Tel not specified.

How to get there: the road is long but the goal is worth it. First you need to take the train Amtrak to New York Penn Station and go to the Port Henry Amtrak station (5.5 hours). Ticket price — from $45 one-way. Then take a taxi and drive 30 km to the waterfalls. Taxi will cost $50-70 per car.

Split Rock Falls — a popular and very picturesque place on the river Bouquet (Boquet). Besides the beauty of the cascading waterfall, with powerful of noise and splashes exploding from the surface of the water, you will find unforgettable view on a hidden natural pool. The waterfall towers over the river on 14 meters.

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Brave tourists are often jumping into the pool from the cliffs of the waterfall. Vpechtleniya really memorable, but please remember safety!

No. 5: Stony Brook State Park – Dansville
Top 8 the most beautiful natural pools in the state of new York

Address: 10820 NY-36, Dansville, NY 14437.

Phone +1 585-335-8111.

How to get there: this place is more suitable for the weekend, so here you need to go. From JFK, one of the most convenient in the US, there are flights to Rochester. Ticket price — $90-120 (1 hour 20 minutes journey). Later in the airport in Rochester to Board a bus company Rochester & UR ($1 ) and get to Lakeville Rd & Subway. Here we are waiting for the last connection on a taxi to Stony Brook State Park. Go about 40 km. the fare is $100 per car.

In a state Park stony brook is located in a mountain gorge in the West new York you can not only enjoy a refreshing swim in the natural pool, but also to camp, to make a tour around the Park or just stay for a picnic. In the Northern part of the Park there is a Playground with tables, grill grates and WC. And it is here you will find one of the most scenic natural waterways. In the Park, and poaktivnichat: plusem — multiple playgrounds, tennis court, baseball field, volleyball court and basketball court.

No. 6: Lampson Falls, Clare
Top 8 the most beautiful natural pools in the state of new York

Address: Clare, NY 13684.

Tel: no.

How to get there: the nearest city Canton can be reached by the bus company Trailways of New York which departs from Port Authority. Travel time will be nearly 9 hours. Ticket price — $55 to $90 one way. In Canton you will need to take a taxi and drive the 30 km to the waterfalls. The price per car is $4060.

To get to one of the most popular waterfalls in the state can be quite simple — along the Hiking trail Lampson Falls. Visitors always amazing this majestic giant, tipping from a height of 30 meters in the bosom of the purest natural pool that was created for the summer bathing. Passing down the trail from the waterfalls, you will get to a small beach area. By the way, a Hiking trail to Lampson Falls wide enough for wheelchairs, so go for it, even people with disabilities.

Attention! The power of the waterfall impresses, but due to her swim in the pond, just observing all precautions. The current here is very strong, often formed the crater.

No. 7: Shelving Rock Falls Fort Ann
Top 8 the most beautiful natural pools in the state of new York

Address: Fort Ann, New York 12827.

Phone +1 518-623-1200.

How to get there: from the station to New York Penn Station trains Amtrak Amtrak to Whitehall. The journey time is 4.5 hours, and tickets cost from $40 to $110 at one end. In to Whitehall Amtrak need to take a taxi and drive 40 km to the Fort-ena. The fare is about $50 per car.

Shelving Rock Falls is a 50-foot cascade of waterfalls East of lake George. Here is something to see and then what to place in Instagram. The view alone from the mountains to the magnificent lake George will be remembered for a long time! Local Hiking trails so easy that to the top of the cascade you can easily get to and with kids, and older satellites.

In any case don’t forget the swimwear! In the lower reaches of the waterfall you will find a wonderful natural pool, as if specially created for family holidays.

No. 8: Millstream Swimming Hole In Woodstock
Top 8 the most beautiful natural pools in the state of new YorkMark LaFlaur/©

Address: NY-212 in Woodstock, NY.

Tel: no.

How to get there: here, you can easily give up on one day — the road to Woodstock is just over 2 hours. Bus company TrailwaysNY go daily from Port Authority Bus Terminal and the fare round trip is only $60. From the bus station in Woodstock just a 15 minute walk to the Millstream Swimming Hole.

Natural pool Millstream Swimming Hole is located nearby the centre of Woodstock. So if you still come on your own transport, you will be quite easy to find a place to Park.

Millstream Swimming Hole — a beautiful natural pool with turquoise water and several small waterfalls. The deepest water reservoir in a little over 1 meter, so come here often families with young children. Resting on the banks, tourists enjoying the unity with nature, with each cell sensing the continuity of man and the elements.