Top 8 attractions of the state of new York, the existence of which is not known to everyone

It happens, so live 5 years in new York, and absolutely nothing around you can not see. And not that of the sites own staff don’t know, and as the next street is called no idea. All because of our frantic pace of modern life. You can say, without hesitation, what color is the front door to your house? Not in your apartment, and in the house? Or the front door of the house opposite? What’s the name of at least three or four of your neighbors? Sometimes these questions surprisingly difficult to answer, because today we live like fish in the ocean of information.

Everywhere in the us poured streams of new information that you need to have time to process, highlighting important, or, on the contrary, weed is unnecessary. In the morning, a first scan feed of Facebook, and then begin their daily rituals: cook Breakfast, shower, workout. Then we get in the car or subway, and turn on the radio. And again get a ton of information. All day we hear the alert on their smartphones: beep! – you have new mail from the boss,, beep! message in the General chat employees, beep! beep! beep! — missing the message about overdue deadline!

Something like this look ordinary days the working person nowadays. It does not matter even in the office you work remotely or own a huge piece of the information pie, you will definitely get. So we just don’t have time to pay attention to such seemingly simple things, like communication with neighbors or walking in the fresh air. You cannot allow external circumstances to control life – because she is the only one! And if you are lucky enough to settle in such a unique state, too, and a fortiori should not be given up voluntarily from all those bonuses that gives Americans life in new York! We selected eight of the most picturesque and secluded areas of new York state.

# 1: Waterfalls, Triphammer Ithaca

Top 8 attractions of the state of new York, the existence of which is not known to everyone

Triphammer is located in Ithaca, five hours drive from new York city. This cascading waterfall with a height of 55 feet, daily pleases the eye of visitors to the campus of Cornell University, one of the largest Universities in the country. You’ll never guess whose name is given to this waterfall because it was named in honor of acting here in the early nineteenth century the forge!

University founder Ezra Cornell really fell in love with this place during my first visit to Ithaca. In order to ensure the supply necessary for energy production, Mr Cornell chose the cheapest and readily available source of water. On his orders, the city built the dam, through which downstream production has received the necessary energy all year round.

This beauty can be seen daily and absolutely free. Best review opens with the Triphammer Foot Bridge or East Ave. Bridge.

Attention! Swimming in the Triphammer Falls is strictly prohibited!

No. 2: Bannerman Castle (Isle of Pollepel) — Newburgh

Top 8 attractions of the state of new York, the existence of which is not known to everyone

On the Hudson river, in the town of Newburgh, hiding a tiny island called Pollepel, today more commonly known as Bannerman island. Being a desert location, which is accessible only by boat, it has long served as a hiding place for those who want.

The island shrouded in legend. One of them is the origin of the name of the island – Pollepel. According to legend, the island got its name in honor of a young girl to lightly walked on the frozen Hudson river and was nearly drowned when the ice cracked. But the Field was saved and brought to the island, where she is happily married with his Savior.

In real life romance on the island was a little. Since the revolution the island has had five owners: William van Wyck of Fishkill, Mary G. Taft of Cornwall, Francis Bannerman of Brooklyn (NY) and the Rockefeller Foundation, which donated the island to the property of the state of new York in the twentieth century.

The most famous owner, Francis Bannerman, born in Scotland in 1851. In the USA he was at the age of three, along with his entire family, who settled in Brooklyn. Bannerman was a big businessman, buying up weapons and ammunition from the state. In the late nineteenth century his business prospered, and warehouses grew to such proportions that the authorities of new York, demanded to bring a weapons warehouse outside the city. Canoeing along the Hudson river, Bannerman noticed a nice island that could serve as storage space. The island was bought by the Taft family in 1900.

On the island a castle was built Bannerman, aged, naturally, in the Scottish style. Immediately it was decided to place the armories, which led to very unfortunate consequences just 20 years later…

To visit the island and see the remains of Bannerman’s castle in summer, from may to October. Tours cost from $35 per person.

Book and choose a tour here.

No. 3: Mountain stage Whiteface – Wilmington

Top 8 attractions of the state of new York, the existence of which is not known to everyone

Your friends will surely be a long time wondering, how did you manage to visit China and the Great wall in just one weekend? And can you even managed to get to Peru and Hiking in Machu Picchu? If you want to bring a bit of intrigue – just don’t put the location in Instagram to your photos from the peak of mount Whiteface, located in the Adirondack Park. It is here you will find the old mountain stage, leading, like, straight into the sky.

In order to get to the top, you will want to drive along memorial highway Veterans Withfile. This trip will be remembered for a long time. A road leads to the fifth highest peak in the state of new York, to the top of mount Whiteface, height 4.867 ft. How often do you ever travel on mountain roads with gorgeous views spanning hundreds of miles of pristine land, stretching right up to the Vermont and Canada?

Climbing the mountain is charged $12 per car with one driver, plus $8 for each additional passenger. Children up to 6 years do not pay. You can also climb on a bike for $10.

Number 4: Mountain Kolden and lake Avalanche — North Elba

Top 8 attractions of the state of new York, the existence of which is not known to everyone

One of the most picturesque but also the most challenging mountain trails of new York state, can rightly be called Avalanche Lake Trail length of 10 miles. You can bring your pet, because he, too, sometimes need to recharge with positive energy of nature, and access to the mountain is open to absolutely everyone.

This spectacular trek will give you the chance to enjoy views of one of the most beautiful lakes of the state of new York, located in the heart of the Adirondack high Peaks – lake Avalanche. During the campaign you will fight your fear, because the road to the lake Avalanche located between the mountains Kolden and Algonquin, it passes through the ladders and bridges, hanging right over the rocks around the lake.

Trips can be made year-round. If you prefer the types of immobilized by ice the lake surface, but do not forget to choose the right form of clothing. It should be warm, comfortable and waterproof. Shoes should also be comfortable and safe, skidproof sole.

Number 5: The Giant Ledge – Shandaken

Top 8 attractions of the state of new York, the existence of which is not known to everyone

The giant ledge occupies an area of 47.500 acres, in the area of Slide Mountain Wilderness. This is the most spacious and the most popular place located in the Catskill preserve. There are numerous Hiking paths of different difficulty levels that provide access to the most hidden and inaccessible parts of the reserve. Frequently the road passes over high peaks, opening travelers with truly breathtaking views.

The giant ledge is a unique place. The Western side of the mountain part of the ridge has a typical smooth rounded shape, formed under the action of glacier movement. The Eastern side opens caused by glacial action and years of erosion. The East side offers a unique panorama on the Northern and southern foothills of Catskill, across the valley to evergreen forests.

Be sure to stop at one of the lookouts, just sit and enjoy these views, this irrefutable proof of the greatness of nature. And, by the way, while you enjoy the views, don’t forget that right below you is an abyss in 180 feet.

No. 5: The Bold Castle — Alexandria Bay

Top 8 attractions of the state of new York, the existence of which is not known to everyone

True romance should pay a visit to the archipelago of Thousands of Islands near the US border with Canada. Here, on one of the Islands, is a castle bold, which again becomes what it always should have been – the main attraction in the region. No matter whether you are traveling with the whole family, whether looking for a venue for elegant wedding ceremony, or just want to «change the picture» — all of these features are waiting on the lock bolt.

The history of the castle is very romantic. In the early twentieth century, the millionaire Mogul George C. bold started construction of the castle as a tribute of love and respect for his wife Louise. He wanted to give to his wife not just a summer house, a country mansion, this castle for his beloved. In the beginning all went fine. Castle, competing in their beauty with many European castles, was built on the river St. Lawrence, in the heart of the archipelago of Thousands of Islands. But soon the grief happened — Mrs. Boldt suddenly died just a few months before the completion of the castle. Mount George K. Bolden was limitless. All work was immediately stopped and the castle remained abandoned for over 70 years …

Excursions to the island are from may to October. Admission price is $9.50 per person for adult (from 13 years), $6.50 per child (5-12 years). Unfortunately, Pets to take to the island impossible.

# 6: Castle Rock Lake, Blue Mountain

Top 8 attractions of the state of new York, the existence of which is not known to everyone

If you are planning a trip for the weekend with the whole family, look to the Adirondack Park and walking trail on the cliff top castle. Its peak rises above the lake of blue mountain at an altitude of 700 feet, offers panoramic views not only of the lake but also for miles around. Don’t worry – this track is well suited for beginners. Hike to the top is a gentle slope, except for one short steep section before the top.

The distance you walk from the trailhead and to the summit is only 1.5 miles. Bring picnic baskets, folding chairs and enjoy a real vacation for the soul.

Attention! The trail is very easy, and suitable for climbing for children or older family members. But still mountains high risk area. Don’t ignore their children.

The entrance to the Adirondack Park free.

No. 7: Sonnenberg Gardens — CANANDAIGUA

Top 8 attractions of the state of new York, the existence of which is not known to everyone
Onasill ~ Bill Badzo

Even an adult sometimes you want to be in a fairy tale! And for that, you don’t have to buy expensive tickets to Disneyland and just drive to the town of CANANDAIGUA, located 300 miles from new York. Sonnenberg gardens welcome guests, since 1973. Here you can stroll along as if descended from the pages of «Alice in Wonderland» gardens, participate in a tea ceremony, just like the characters of beloved children’s tale, or even tasting excellent wines in the Finger Lakes Wine Center.

Entrance to the gardens costs $14 per adult (18 – 59 years), $12 for older people (from 60 years), and $2 per child (4 – 12 years). Open may to October.

No. 8: the Mushroom house – Pitsford

Top 8 attractions of the state of new York, the existence of which is not known to everyone
john kelley

Falling for the first time in Powder Mills Park in Perinton, which is part of Pittsford, a suburb of Rochester, in upstate new York, you may be very surprised. After all, in the middle of the forest you will see not one, but several giant mushrooms, which are actually houses. This unique private residence has always been known to residents of Rochester as The Mushroom House to Mushroom House.

House structure was designed by architect James Johnson for Robert and Marguerite Antell. Construction began in 1970, and after several unsuccessful attempts, the original design was completed in 1972. The buildings were built of simple materials: concrete and polyurethane. Mrs Antell personally produced more than 9,000 ceramic tiles, which today laid out the territory of a Mushroom house.

The house has been put up for sale. Every new owner in their remodeled home. For example, owning them in the early 2000-ies of the family of Aitmanov, added underground corridor with glass mosaic in the style of Antonio Gaudi, leading to the «cave», which is used as an entertainment room with a pool table, bar and mosaic fireplace.

Today Mushroom House back on the market. So get in while you can, only on rare occasions, during specially organized views. But nothing prevents us to explore this miracle of architecture on the outside, making sure once again that originality is not always the shortest way to success!