In 2022 «Titanic-2» will go on a flight that had to make the first ship

An exact copy of the legendary «Titanic» set sail in 2022 through 110 years after the collapse of the original ship giant in the waters of the Atlantic ocean.

As planned by Australian company Blue Star Line «Titanic-2» will be held along the route, which was to make the first «Titanic» from Southampton to new York. The flight will last 2 weeks.

«[The liner will be] the same salon and cabin, as in the original ship, at the same time, we will use advanced security features, navigation methods and technologies of XXI century», — said MSN tycoon Clive Palmer, Blue Star Line funding.

The passengers of «Titanic-2» will fully feel the atmosphere of the first flight, they will be dressed in costumes appropriate to the era of the original liner. Superstitious people have nothing to worry about, warns Blue Star Line: unlike «Titanic», its copies will not have problems with the boats on the «Titanic-2», their number is designed for all 2 435 passengers and 900 crew members.

Upon arrival at new York the ship in the following international routes:

On the launch of the ambitious project Blue Star Line announced in 2012, but due to problems with financing its implementation for a few years overdue. The embodiment of his idea of the shipping company plans to spend $500 million ship is being Built in China.

Incidentally, the name Blue Star Line was not chosen by chance: the first «Titanic» belonged to a major British shipping company of that time, which was called the White Star Line.

We will remind, in June of this year it became known that the wreckage of the Titanic, discovered in 1985, less than 20 years will be completely»eaten» by bacteria.

Letter from passenger on Titanic sold for a record 166 thousand dollars

A letter written by a passenger of the largest at that time airliner in the world – the Titanic – the day before its collision with an iceberg sold at auction in England for 166 thousand dollars.