Top 8 areas of the US, where live the richest

There is a saying: «Money attracts money». Its meaning is clear to everyone: the rich prefer the rich. This applies to all spheres of life, from closed private schools VIP level to high-end resorts, which you can get on just paying a fabulous membership fee. And to settle the rich, of course, also popular in the hidden from prying eyes.

Top 8 areas of the US, where live the richest

Most often this choice is quite justified objective reasons: high security, good environment, mild climate, etc. But let’s look truth in the eye. The rich live in exclusive villages because they can afford it. It’s like buying a Ferrari: for travel around the city is quite suitable and usual Ford, but buy a Ferrari!

Baboutmost of the personal Finance of Americans (more than $100 trillion) is concentrated in the accounts of a very small number of people so-called elite of about 0,2% of the total population of the United States. These lucky people can afford to own private jets, buy cars for hundreds of thousands of dollars and works of art at auctions at a price that is often handled in 8-digit mark.

No matter how rich he was not the man — the main indicator of success and affluence is a house. Therefore, the schedule of expenditures of super-rich Americans is the same as ordinary citizens of the United States. A large part of the budget is spent on acquisition and maintenance of real estate. The only difference in the numbers. So where live the wealthiest residents of the United States?

TOP 8 most exclusive and expensive areas of the United States, which afford only 0.2% of the US population.

District No. 1: The Atherton, CA

The average price for house: $10.194.000

Urban area: San Francisco, CA

Population: 7.140 people

Unexpectedly, right? Small Atherton is not associated with inhabitants with a luxurious place for the richest people in the country. However, if you ride the streets of Silicon valley, where is located the headquarters of Facebook and Menlo Park, you will see that live here can afford only the most successful Americans. The cost of houses in Atherton are always made up of at least 8 digits.

Who lives in Atherton? Successful high-level professionals in the sphere of innovations and high technologies. It should be noted that Atherton is not separated from the rest of the world by high walls or the outfits of the guards. The only limiting factor is the cost of real estate. So if you find yourself in the Atherton cases do not be surprised if you meet a former CEO of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Meg Whitman or co-founder of Microsoft Paul Allen.

House in Atherton with a huge area, an average of 8,000 square feet. This is a very quiet area where people come to relax. Infrastructure is almost there, and it is not necessary, thanks to the nearby Palo Alto, where you can always go for highly beneficial organic lunch or just an aperitif.

District No. 2: Los Altos, CA

The average price for house: $6,326,000

City area: San Jose, CA

Population: 28.976 people

In Silicon valley there is not one district that meets all the needs of the American elite. Just a 25-minute drive South of Atherton is a town a little bigger than Los Altos. This is a relatively new area for the rich, which is not so much of vast estates.

Once Los Altos was a small Californian village, built modest summer cottages. Now the local homes are a high-tech structure, designed with the latest technology. For example, a house in the area of 7.600 square feet, built in Los Altos in 2018, sold for about $10.900.000.

A significant contribution to the development of the town of Los Altos has made Sergey Brin, cofounder of Google, which headquarters are located in nearby mountain view. In 2012 he began to invest in the development of the city, which gave noticeable results by 2018.

In contrast to Atherton, where in fact a single house of the old buildings in Los Altos is still preserved historic districts. Of course they are sold at a significantly lower price than new. So, built in 1953, «a small house» in 1.600 square feet, will cost the new owners $2.600.000. Agree, compared to the average value of houses here, surely over $10 million is funny money.

District No. 3: New York (Tribeca), New York

Top 8 areas of the US, where live the richest

The average price for house: $5,137,000

City area: new York, new York

Population: 28.976 people

The people of new York certainly knowingly nodded their heads. The most famous part of Manhattan, whose name formed from the acronym Triangle Below Canal Street, was formerly nothing but a dirty area full of industrial warehouses. Today about inventory past Tribeca resembles absolutely nothing. Just the opposite. Tribeca shrouded in a Bohemian atmosphere, there is a film festival, open art galleries, exhibitions of art. To Tribeca are the world-famous new York city neighborhoods like SOHO, Little Italy and Chinatown.

Who lives in Tribeca? Of course it is mainly representatives of creative professions. To buy an apartment in Tribeca, the dream of all artists in new York often settle here well-known Hollywood actors. For example, the star couple Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel acquired in Tribeca modern penthouse last year, and just $20.000.000! Given that the overall condition of the pair is almost $300.000.000, you see, they can afford it!

Speaking about the average cost of apartments and houses in Tribeca, let’s not forget about the most expensive apartments in the area. For example, for a house with an area of 8,000 square feet in SOHO will have to pay is $65 million.

There is in Tribeca, and really frilly housing. In 2016, district 325 W. Broadway, built a new 10-storey residential complex, where apartments have views of the Empire State Building and One World Trade Center. Open the morning curtains of the bedroom – and there is the advertised view of new York at its best! Isn’t it fun for the richest?

District No. 4: Medina, king County, Washington

Top 8 areas of the US, where live the richest

The average price for house: $4.894.000

Urban area: Seattle, WA, king County

Population: 3.147 man

Compact elite Medina is located on the shores of lake Washington. He has long been find fame as one of the most expensive and desirable areas of the district of Bellevue, but throughout the country.

While the area around Bellevue attracted new settlers since the mid-nineteenth century, the current territory of the Medina was empty. There were fruit plantations, and was annually held the festival of strawberries. But in 1917, the authorities had carried out a project to lower water levels in coastal areas, and formed «Golden coast», where he built the house representatives of the then elite.

Founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos in 2017 surpassed the founder of Microsoft bill gates in terms of personal well-being. Now he is the richest man in the world. You know what else unites these two men? They both live in the Medina!

The appearance of the Medina is absolutely consistent with the expected mean of the classic area for the cream of society. There are so many trees, everywhere perennial evergreen trees, and the space between the hundred year old giants classic full of huge mansions. It is logical that the majority of local residences features a private lake access and even a private stretch of beach.

District No. 5: Fisher Island, FL

Top 8 areas of the US, where live the richest

The average price for house: $3.707.000

City area: Miami, FL

Population: about 120 persons of the resident population

The record for isolation among the best areas for the elite in the USA can be called island, Fisher island, located three miles away from Florida. The area of the island is only 78 ha, and he was once in private ownership the famous in the USA a family of millionaires Vanderbilt.

Fisher island is proud of its exclusivity and inaccessibility to ordinary mortals. Getting here is possible only by water, by boat, or by helicopter. So the rest residing on the island 200 families, no breaks. The island is lined with posh mansions, designed in the colonial Spanish style. Living here is like constantly is on the Caribbean resort, only better.

The value of the property on Fisher island is not so «bite», if we talk about the purchasing power of the richest people in the United States. So, a small house of four bedrooms, with an area up to 5,000 square feet, can be purchased for only $6.900.000.

But the most interesting on the island, however, is its inhabitants. The island is extremely popular among foreigners, especially from Russia. Many of the houses are owned by Russian businessmen.

District No. 6: Glenbrook, NV

The average price for house: $3.225.000

Urban area: Gardnerella Ranchos, near Reno

Population: about 220 persons of the resident population

Another tiny elite settlement under the name of Glenbrook is situated on the shores of lake Tahoe. Glenbrook attracts rich people who want to buy a house in a luxury gated community, so much so that had private beaches and Golf courses (where the same without them).

Like many modern elite districts in the late nineteenth century, Glenbrook could not boast of elegance. It was a logging area, which gradually, through the efforts of local magnates, by the middle of 1990-ies became a place of elite rest of the inhabitants of the Bay of San Francisco. In the end, Glenbrook formed in a separate closed community, to get to which can only the most wealthy Americans.

Rich would never be rich, if not consider your money. This settlement is another bonus. Since Nevada has no state income tax, enterprising businessmen are buying houses here, which carry just over 6 months out of the year, allowing them to significantly reduce their taxes.

District No. 7: Beacon Hill, Massachusetts

Top 8 areas of the US, where live the richest

The average price for house: $3.155.000

Urban area: Boston, mA

Population: 9.025 people

In beacon hill is located a number of historic attractions that the area called «frozen in time». Here is the Massachusetts state House and Boston African American national historic site. This is one of the oldest communities in Boston, turned into an elite area with the most expensive real estate in the entire state.

The area was named in honor of the lighthouse that once stood on top of a hill. Who lives in beacon hill? The basis of the advanced community are doctors, lawyers, business owners, managing finances and capital. Former us Secretary of state John Kerry speaks here old townhouse area of 9.000 sq ft

Its popularity and high cost of beacon hill shall modern scientific and technical progress and the laws of the market. The fact that in this part of Boston over the past 20-30 years has greatly increased the concentration of headquarters of leading US companies. There are offices of Facebook, and the company Reebok has moved its corporate headquarters.

District No. 8: Woods Hall, Massachusetts

Top 8 areas of the US, where live the richest

The average price for house: $3.154.000

Urban area: Barnstable, Massachusetts

Population: 780 people

Woods Hole is a small coastal settlement located on the Peninsula of Cape cod. There are many famous cities of Massachusetts such as Hyannis (Kennedy residence) and Provincetown, known for its Bohemian atmosphere, good restaurants and noisy parties. But the glory of the most luxurious places on the Peninsula, definitely got a small woods Hole. Here intertwined traditions and modern innovative technologies.

In the settlement are the world-renowned research facilities such as the Marine biological laboratory and Scientific center of North-Eastern fishery, and therefore the city is home to many scientists with a world name.

The biggest demand is for houses built in the colonial style, and be sure to have a private dock and water access. The cost of the house, with an area of about 6,500 square feet would be less than $6.500.000.