«Screaming and chaos»: a cruise ship in the open ocean, suddenly lurched to the side (photo)

A moment of terror experienced by the passengers of the liner Carnival Cruise, which gave the Bank in the open ocean.

It happened last Sunday evening, a few hours after the ship left port Canaveral in Florida, taking a course on Caribbean Islands.

«At first I wasn’t scared, because pitching for the courts — this is normal. But he (the liner. — USA.one) continued to lurch to the side. The plates and Cutlery slid across the table, falling glasses, and then began to fall and the tables themselves. It was chaos. Screams and panic,» — said a passenger from long island David crews.

This is the inside of the Carnival Sunshine cruise ship on Sunday evening. @CarnivalCruise says the ship listed (tilted or leaned) because of a technical issue just hours after leaving @PortCanaveral.

(H/t to David Crews for the pictures) pic.twitter.com/usSaQsZBzG

Clay LePard (@ClayLePard) October 31, 2018

«I was on the third deck and literally felt rise as starboard. Tables fell, people were screaming and everything we said: “the Incident is being investigated”. It was the worst day of my life,» he wrote on Twitter Davis, Gravi from new York.

Carnival Cruise reported that the ship was tilted due to technical problems.

«Faulty electrical switchboard influenced the stabilizer «fins» of the ship. [Our] staff members quickly intervened and corrected the situation. The ship is in order and continues the cruise. We apologize to the passengers and to assure the safety of the ship,» — said in a statement.

However, some passengers decided to go ashore and return home, when on Tuesday, 3 November, the ship docked in the Dominican Republic.

And tonight the liner returned safely after a week long cruise to Florida.