This city in the US, not seeing the sun for 65 days

If you biorhythms — owl, perhaps you should think about how to spend the winter in Northern Alaska?

On Sunday, the city of Utqiagvik (formerly barrow) in Alaska saw his last sunrise and sunset this year. For 65 days in the city with a population of over 4 million people will be dominated by the polar night.

As told by the meteorologist Judson Jones, «polar night,» is a General term for places where the sun does not rise at least within 24 hours.

«It happens every year. If you live North of the Arctic circle, the day will come when the sun will burn out and disappear. The good news is that in the summer it will be on the horizon constantly for about the same period as the polar night in winter», — said the meteorologist.

Utqiagvik not the only city in the state of Alaska, where the polar night. It also occurs in Kaktovik, point hope and Anaktuvuk Passwhere the sun rises for the last time and the sunset in late November – early December. There the people will not see our star a little more than a month. But Utqiagvik is the most Northern of these cities (and in principle, the northernmost city in the USA), and now the sun is here will not appear until 23 January 2019.

This city in the US, not seeing the sun for 65 daysUtqiagvik (formerly barrow), Alaska
Source: Flickr

Earlier Utqiagvik called «barrow» — in honor of sir John barrow, English — politician, one of the founders and Vice-President of the Royal geographical society, the organizer of many research expeditions.

But in 2016, the result of the referendum, the city was renamed in Utqiagvik. This is the traditional name of a place in the language of indigenous people of Alaska Inuit.

By the way, in this city the action of the horror movie «30 days of night».