Pennsylvania hunters have conquered YouTube with your teasing, as they walked behind the deer

Very unusual was hunting for Joshua Davis, Smalle ed and Jeff the Sidlo at the lake Grill in the area Hoyle (pike) this weekend. The trio went to hunt deer, Jeff, (a good photographer) at the same time grabbed the camera to take pictures. Deer greeted quickly, but he was in such a quandary that honor in that trophy hunters were few. Horny stuck on a frozen lake and could not escape. The hunters become rescuers and eventually became famous in social networks, if not a deer carcass, this male thing.

As told in his post in Facebook Jeffrey Sidlo, deer, it seems, slipped on the ice and could not get up. From him to the shore was a hundred yards, and the ice was very thin. But the hunters did not want the poor man to die like that and developed a plan of salvation. In the nearby camp of Shohola men took a boat and rope. The boat, of course, to distribute the weight of the rescuer, but the ice under it is still broke. Hunter Davis, who became a lifeguard, pushed the sixth: it was slow going and difficult, but he still made it to the animal. A lot of time and effort it took to capture the deer by the noose and take by the horns. After that, the comrades on the rope pulled the boat to shore with a lifeguard and deer.

The skin and antlers adorned the wall of a house and reindeer were not on the table, but through the efforts Jeffrey the Sidlo, a message that their act has adorned the likes, repost and comments — the most flattering for the characters.