National Geographic has published a list of the best places for travelers: 4 of them in the USA

National Geographic has published its annual list of recommended places to visit. In 2019 in the list of top 28, got 4 directions, which are located throughout the United States. This is the city of Oakland (CA) and Kansas city (mo)and Florida County Walton (South part) and reserve Bisti/De-Na-Zin (nm).

The editors of National Geographic Traveler and National Geographic Explorers have selected the best places for your trips in 4 categories: City, Nature, Culture and adventure. The full list looks like this:

Dakar, Senegal
Peruvian Amazonia
Cairo, Egypt
Salvador, Brazil
Hoang Lien Sleep, Vietnam
Bisti/De-Na-Zin, New Mexico
Kansas City, Mo
Galway, Ireland
Estados or Isla de los Estados, Argentina
Toronto, Canada
National Park Gorongosa, Mozambique
Museum Of The Bauhaus, Germany
Matera, Italy
South Walton County, FL
Oakland, CA
Canterbury, New Zealand
Perth, Australia
Fanjingshan, or mount Fanjing, China
Vevey, Switzerland
The River Caño Cristales, Colombia
Mexico City, Mexico
Tahiti, French Polynesia
Dordogne, France

Let’s see what attracted these American places the views of the editors of National Geographic

Category – City: Kansas city, mo
National Geographic has published a list of the best places for travelers: 4 of them in the USAClub Plaza, Kansas City, Missouri. Photo by David Wilson on flickr

The largest city in Central United States founded at the confluence of the two rivers (Missouri and Kansas) in the 1850s Many people come here or on the barbecue, or at the famous jazz festival, but immediately fall in love with its appearance and atmosphere that will carry you into the era of 18-19 centuries. In the city you can find an incredible number of historic buildings and hotels, museums, retro clubs, as well as boulevards and fountains.

In the Central business district – Downtown – the city authorities have tried modern buildings not to destroy the historic spirit of the city, so many beautiful historic buildings in Renaissance quite harmoniously skyscrapers of metal and glass.

National Geographic has published a list of the best places for travelers: 4 of them in the USADowntown Kansas City. Photo by Hollywata on flickr

National Geographic recommends that you stay at an iconic location in the city of 21c Museum Hotel Kansas City, 219 W. Ninth St., where you can not only relax, but also a tasty snack in a renovated bar-restaurant, a ride on the free tram RideKC, be sure to look at the Historic Jazz District at the intersection of 18th and Vine St. to shop at River Market…

But if you go West of downtown, it will be in the West bottoms, where the empty historic industrial buildings were turned into cool cafes and clubs. No matter where you go in Kansas city, you will feel the city’s history on every corner. And a couple days is not enough!

Category nature: district of South Walton, Florida

To study the diversity of marine life every can off the coast of South Walton. Here at Grayton Beach State Park this summer opened the first U.S. permanent underwater Museum (Museum of Underwater Art). Placed through the bottom of the Bay various of the sculptures of the Museum founders want to create artificial reefs, which not only can protect the coastal zone from red tides and storms, but also to become ideal habitat for various species of marine animals.

New dive destination off the Florida Panhandle — 30A Welcomes the First Ever Underwater Museum of Art in North America via @30a (UMA Picture from FB page)

— Jen Carfagno (@JenCarfagno) June 27, 2018

Category – Culture: Oakland, CA

Auckland can boast not only because of the ROS Jack London, but also the fact that the city is home to the largest number of different language groups — there are now 125 languages. Such an incredible diversity of cultures has influenced all areas (cooking, art, etc.) and turned the city into a vibrant, innovative and incredibly hospitable community.

The city has long been home to creative individuals from all over the world, and enjoy the atmospheric events here all year round. In January’s Restaurant Week in February — Black Joy Parade, in may is Art Month, in September — Pride Parade and Festival, and numerous festivals in summer attract tourists from all over the world. And you’ve been here?

Category — Adventure: Bisti/De-Na-Zin, New Mexico
National Geographic has published a list of the best places for travelers: 4 of them in the USAPhoto by BLM New Mexico

Reserve Bisti/ De-Na-Zin will force everyone to set foot on this land feel the only living being for several kilometers. If you do not follow trail, it’s easy to get lost among the rock formations. This is not surprising: rocky soil, lots of canyons, ravines in combination with incredible color landscapes, which were created over the millennia by mother nature, this area in Northwest new Mexico is really secluded. But, you see, that nature is beautiful!

National Geographic has published a list of the best places for travelers: 4 of them in the USAPhoto by BLM New Mexico

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