Mavericks is cancelled in California due to the dangerous waves, but the surfers go in the water

Surfers from around the world gathered at Half Moon Bay in California for supervolume that are usually here at this time. It is clear that fans of surf in the road and prayed that the ocean did not disappoint and was a wave. But the ocean was a joke, and the wave here has surpassed all expectations, including the organizers of the Mavericks competition of the world League. So that the competition was canceled because there’s too much danger of such a wave.

The waves out at #Mavericks in #HalfMoonBay today were MONSTER. Take a look at the full video here:

— LiveDoppler7 (@LiveDoppler7) December 17, 2018

According to the National weather service, waves that struck the North coast of California this year, the seventh-largest during the measurements since 1987. Their size sometimes exceeds 50 feet. It’s too risky, decided in the world surf League, and cancelled the competition. However, the surfers are unable to refuse such a wave and now I ride just for fun — not for the prizes, but with great risk to their safety. And the shore was full of spectators and reporters.

The Mavericks surfing contest Challenge won’t be happening this week, but surfers are still taking full advantage of the massive waves pounding the world-famous surfing spot near Half Moon Bay.

— Brendan Weber (@BrendanNWeber) December 17, 2018

«Surfing competition Mavericks Challenge won’t take place this week, but surfers are still here and fully utilize the powerful waves that beat the shore in the world famous Half Moon Bay» — writes in Twitter Brendan Weber.

Big Wave Surfing at #Mavericks , but the contest will not take place this week. Possibly January. #HighSurf warning along the Bay Area coastline until 9PM tonight, so officials warn people to stay off the beach. #SneakerWaves @nbcbayarea

— Janelle Wang (@janellewang) December 17, 2018

«Too dangerous to surf, Mavericks Challenge was delayed until January, for security reasons, but that did not stop many people to do their work. Warning today until 9 PM Pacific time» — according to friends of Mike, and resolutely goes into the water.

Too dangerous to #surf the #Mavericks Challenge was postponed until January for safety reasons, but that didn’t stop many from tackling the 30-40′ waves here at Mavericks Beach. Tim Clark shot this from Pillar Pt/Half Moon Bay CA. Warning until 9 PM PT.

— Mike Seidel (@mikeseidel) December 18, 2018

Rescue service has repeatedly been in the case, when surfers took to the rocks. But to ban a holiday no one has the right. To tell something about the danger of waves to surfers in the hope that they will come to their senses and go home — it is useless. Rescuers and just hope your skill and gear to avoid troubles. Meteorologists say that today’s wave — not a record, and the most extreme will be here early next week.

When Jeff first surfed Mavericks back in 1975, he surfed the gnarly left at Mavericks, as he still does to this day. But this ambidextrous surfer learned to surf switch-foot to avoid the Mavericks beasts at his back. #switchfoot #mavericks

— PLAIDANIMAL (@guernica777_d) December 17, 2018