Tradition, which is already 37 years: Ellery Way residents decorate their street magic lights for Christmas

37 years ago Dolores Monahan started to light candles in paper bags in front of his house on Ellery Way on Christmas eve. Now all the 24 families living there, so decorate the streets for the holiday.

Since 1981, residents of Ellery Way together to fill paper bags with sand and set candles in them. Then such fixtures installed in a row along the street. This is a great opportunity to socialize with each other and maintain a festive spirit. Fresno Ellery Way is the only street where there is a tradition, and it is similar rather to the party.

Once it gets dark, the family lit lamps outside their houses to decorate the Christmas night lights. Fresno residents believe that the tradition creates an atmosphere of magic. Neighbors treat each other with coffee, donuts and pizza, and end the evening together clean the lamps.

Christmas Eve is the night luminaries are lit in NW Fresno. You can find them lining Ellery Way off Fruit between Bullard and Sierra.

— Dale Yurong (@DaleYurongABC30) December 24, 2018

Dolores moved in the next year and she will be sorely missed this Christmas celebration. The neighbors did to the woman a parting gift — a lamp with a picture of a deer. Some also move to other areas, but their children Ellery Way, now continue this fine tradition.