The stewardess had to work on Christmas, so her father bought tickets for all 6 flights daughter

Father wanted to spend Christmas with my daughter, so I decided that nothing can stop. Even 10 thousand meters up.

25 Dec in Facebook there was a post flight attendants Delta Airlines pier T. Vaughan, dedicated to her father.

«Look, mom, we did it! First trip of the father using his benefits was a success! Special thanks to all the diligent, wonderful people at the airports across the country and my team — wrote the girl had to work in one of the busiest periods of the year. Hey Mike Levi because he’s a great first class passengers and helped us to understand how amazing this is!»

Look ma we made it Kimberly Hal Vaughan 🤗Dad’s first trip using his benefits was a success! A special thanks to all of…

Posted by Pierce T. Vaughan on Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Exactly Mike levy first told the touching story of pierce and her father. According to the passenger, his neighbor, nicknamed Hal held on 24 and 25 December on Board to celebrate Christmas together with my daughter.

«I had the pleasure to sit with Hal on the way back home — written by Mike Levi in Facebook. — What a fantastic father! I wish you a merry Christmas!»

As a result of post Levi quickly became popular among users, collecting reactions 179 thousand, 36 thousand posts and 184 comments. Most admired man and told pierce how lucky she is with her father.

Probably, many raised the question: «How the man managed to pull this off and not spend a huge amount of money?» The answer is simple! Due to the fact that pierce is an employee of Delta, her family members can obtain discount tickets. It is this advantage have used Hal to spend Christmas with her daughter and to arrange a fun marathon, which neither he nor his daughter will never forget.